Jury Finds Capital Gazette Shooter Criminally Responsible For 2018 Mass ShootingAfter more than two weeks in court, jurors in the Capital Gazette shooting trial found Thursday that Jarrod Ramos was criminally responsible.
Both Sides Rest Their Case In Capital Gazette Mass Shooting Trial; Judge Hopes Closing Arguments Will Begin ThursdayBoth sides have rested their case in the Capital Gazette mass shooting trial. The hope is that that closing arguments will begin Thursday morning.
Prosecution's Final Witness Reveals Disturbing & Graphic Details On Day 10 Of Capital Gazette Shooting TrialDay 10 of the Capital Gazette shooting trial was held on Tuesday and the prosecution introduced their final witness.
Prosecution Introduces Medical Expert That Diagnoses Capital Gazette Shooter With Schizotypal & Narcissistic Personality DisorderThe third week of trial began on Monday in the Capital Gazette shooting case, and prosecutors brought in medical experts who diagnosed the defendant with mental illnesses differently than the defense experts.
Capital Gazette Shooter Trial: Witnesses For Prosecution Deliver Emotional TestimonyFriday marked the end of week two of the Capital Gazette shooting trial and prosecutors called more than a dozen witnesses who either survived the mass shooting or responded to the shooting.
Capital Gazette Shooter Trial: Prosecutors Paint Jarrod Ramos As Narcissist, Defense Says He Lost Control After His Cat DiedThe seventh day of the insanity trial for Jarrod Ramos began Thursday morning.
Capital Gazette Shooter Trial: Prosecutors Try To Prove Jarrod Ramos Plotted His AttackIt's day 6 of testimony in the insanity trial for Capital Gazette shooter Jarrod Ramos. 
Defense Expert Testifies Capital Gazette Shooter Jarrod Ramos Is On The Autism SpectrumThe Capital Gazette case continues in Annapolis Tuesday.
Capital Gazette Shooter Trial: Testimony Continues In Jarrod Ramos' Insanity CaseThe first week of the trial in the Capital Gazette shooting wrapped up on Friday. Witnesses include the defendant's sister, a veterinary technician who took care of the defendant's sick cat and a neurologist who examined the shooter.
Jarrod Ramos' Sister Believed He Was Involved When She Heard About Capital Gazette ShootingDay three of the trial for the Capital Gazette shooter resumed on Thursday, and the younger sister of Jarrod Ramos took the stand as a witness. 
Capital Gazette Shooting Trial: Video Shows Moments After Attack, Police Questioning Jarrod RamosDay two of the trial for the Capital Gazette shooter resumed on Wednesday and jurors were able to see the shooter's reactions from the moment he was arrested and during hours of questioning.