Baltimore Area Employers Seek Out Extra Help For The HolidayWhile some seasonal jobs are extensions of regular jobs calling for extra help, other jobs are purely seasonal in the fact that the positions only exist around the holidays.
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Licensed Psychotherapist Enjoys Helping Others Repair Relationships“The end of each session, I usually feel good about what was discussed, and I like reviewing what goals we worked on and what progress each client is making," says Dr. Stephanie Weiland-Knarr.
Baltimore Education Coach Facilitates Care For Students Needs“Working in education is challenging but very rewarding work in terms of having a positive impact on the lives of children and youth," says Dr. Michaele Samuel.
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Retired Baltimore Urologist Credits Clinical Curriculum“Georgetown University had a strong clinical curriculum that prepared us for what we were going to encounter as physicians," says Dr. Robert Gessler.
Baltimore Restaurant Owner Credits Marketing Degree In New Business“In my current role, I am in charge of marketing our restaurant as well as managing day-to-day operations. My role is really an umbrella role. No day looks the same. Some days, I am in the kitchen; others, I’m on the register. I moonlight as a bartender and barista at times as well," says James Shaffer.
CEO Of Baltimore Technology Business Regularly Serves Multiple Roles“The best part of my job is not knowing what is going to happen or what might be needed from me on any given day. Over the years, I’ve learned to change course quickly in order to adapt to unexpected situations. Good or bad, it’s always exciting," says Ron Baddock.
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Baltimore Business Deters Security Threats Associated With Data BreachesSecuris, a franchise industry leader in electronic recycling and data destruction, offers services to local business and government clients to prevent data threats.
Baltimore IT President Relies On Executive Experience In New Start-up“If you are interested in building a career in information technology, it is important to be willing to adapt. The industry is changing quicker than ever before," says Tom Burtzlaff.