Weather Blog: Hurricane HistoryThursday, Aug. 27 marks the date 120 years ago when one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the United States hit Galveston, Texas.
Baltimore Weather Blog: Stay AlertWe are expecting rough weather later this afternoon
Weather Blog: Out Of The 'Dog Days Of Summer'We are now officially starting this work week finally out of the “dog days of summer.”
Baltimore Weather Blog: Showers AroundIt’s been a calm start to this day. A little humid, a little shower activity, and temps in the low 70’s. Noting too intense.
Weather Blog: Out Of The Heat ZoneThe headline is simply “we are out of the heat zone.”
Weather Blog: Another Hot OneOne more day of an intense heat index then we shut that deal down for many days.
Baltimore Weather Blog: Summer ZoneHot and humid yesterday, and we’re going to the heavy Summer zone again this day too.
Weather Blog: 3rd Way Through AugustJust like that we are a third of the way through August.
Weather Blog: Relief ComingOne more day in the nineties, then it is “gravy baby!" What a great line --”gravy baby!"
Weather Blog: Hot Day AheadToday we are forecasting 98°, but a heat index of only 101°
Weather Blog: Here Comes The Hot & StickyOne more day of standard July weather, then here comes the hot and sticky. We have been talking about all week.
Weather Blog: A Break From Extreme HeatA tad more comfortable today than yesterday, and tonight much the same.
Weather Blog: Waking Up EarlyBack in the studio this week and back on the morning shift. I point this out for a reason. For close to four decades, I have been coming to work in the dark.
Weather Blog: A Bit SteamyA bit steamy to start this day. In the wake of overnight showers, and thunderstorms, the humidity shot up.
Weather Blog: July 4th Weekend AheadA look ahead to the July 4th holiday weekend.