Baltimore Weather Blog: Fat TuesdayIt's "Fat Tuesday!" It is the day before Mardi Gras! It is another mark on the calendar that is a guidepost to Spring.
Baltimore Weather Blog: More Winter Left"Curb Your Enthusiasm" is not only the name of a great TV show by Larry David, but also what I have been intoning, about this mild weather, for the past couple of weeks.
Baltimore Weather Blog: Cool Friday EveThis "Friday Eve" will be a cool one.
Baltimore Weather Blog: Chill On The WaySunny and a bit breezy today.
Baltimore Weather Blog: Chilly Start This Weekend, Then Warm-UpChilly it will be, and there is a warm-up still expected to start Sunday.
Baltimore Weather Blog: Foggy, But MildFoggy to start the day. But mild to start the day.
Baltimore Weather Blog: Cold Valentine's Day AheadIt will be 32° on Friday, 18° Friday night -- so if you have Valentine's Day plans, plan for the cold.
Weather Blog: Early SpringSo the groundhog did not see his shadow. So that means an early Spring although there are six weeks left on the winter calendar.
Weather Blog: Sunday Funday ForecastWhether you're in Miami or Baltimore for the Super Bowl, here's your forecast.
Weather Blog: Quite MildMid-week and we began this huuuummmpppDAY quite mild. Just like yesterday morning, we hung right around 40° overnight.
Weather Blog: JinxSo I have got a pinched nerve in my back. Middle age is not for the faint at heart.
Weather Blog: Climbing Out Of The ColdThere is a long way to go before everyone breaks out the board shorts but none the less we have begun the climb out of the coldest part of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere.
Weather Blog: Season Of SickMarty talks about how he's getting over a cold.
Weather Blog: Chill Has Settled InSo now the chill has settled in and thus is the forecast for the next few days.
Weather Blog: Temps Will Be DroppingIt certainly was a good run of mild weather