Harvey Weinstein Indicted In New York Rape CaseHarvey Weinstein was indicted Wednesday on rape and criminal sex act charges, furthering the first criminal case to arise from a slate of sexual misconduct allegations against the former movie mogul.
UMD Handbook Tells Female TAs To Expect 'Challenging Behavior,' 'Be Patient'Annie Bao, a sophomore TA for the university's Department of Computer Science, tweeted Monday that the department's guidance to female TAs told them to expect challenging behavior and to be patient with a mostly male student body.
Maryland Legislature Passes Women's Rights BillsFueled in part by the #MeToo movement, lawmakers in the Maryland General Assembly passed several bills related to women's rights in this session.
#MeToo Movement Looms Over Jury Selection In Bill Cosby CaseThe #MeToo movement will be looming over the proceedings when jury selection gets underway Monday in Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial.
No Tampons In Prison? #MeToo Helps Shine Light On IssueFueled in part by the national #MeToo movement, state legislatures are working to supply prisons with adequate feminine hygiene products.
Women Accuse Actor Steven Seagal Of Sexual AssaultTwo women, who say they were sexually assaulted by actor Steven Seagal, discussed their allegations Monday.
Hollywood Slams Director Terry Gilliam For Anti #MeToo CommentsHollywood reacts to the controversial comments from director Terry Gilliam.
Heather Graham On Harvey Weinstein & #MeToo Movement: 'I Felt Lucky I Didn't Get Raped'Actress Heather Graham discusses her experience with Harvey Weinstein.
With A Lighter Touch, SAG Awards Follows A Familiar ScriptWith a still undetermined awards race and an industry undergoing tectonic shifts with the Me Too and Time's Up movements, awards shows have become canaries in the coal mine.
Has #MeToo Gone Too Far? Ansari Story Sparks DebateThis week, there's visceral discussion about the #MeToo movement's potential for causing harm.