CareFirst Providing $2.1 Million In Grants To Help Fight Opioid Epidemic115 people die from opioid overdoses every day in the U.S. Maryland ranks fourth in the number of people addicted.
Baltimore Group Ask Residents To 'Drop Off Drugs' To Combat Opioid CrisisBaltimore residents were able to come and drop off prescription drugs and opioids from their medicine cabinets.
DEA Rolls Out New Strategy To Fight Opioids In BaltimoreTaking drugs and their sellers off the streets is a priority for law enforcement, but a new federal strategy is rolling out in Baltimore.
Pain Patients Rally For Easing Opioid RestrictionsAbout two dozen people attended a rally in front of the Maryland State House on Tuesday where participants held signs that said: "Don't Punish Pain," and "Make Health Care Again."
CDC: Teens Are Waiting To Have Sex; Bullying, Suicide Rate RisingAccording to a new study, high schoolers are waiting to have sex – and when they do, they have fewer sexual partners – but other findings aren't all positive.
Baltimore Facility Using Comprehensive Approach To Fight Opioid EpidemicOne Maryland facility is using scientific-based treatment to address the opioid epidemic and lead the way in recovery efforts.
Baltimore Standing Together | Opioid EpidemicAddiction and overdoses happening on an epic scale impacting thousands of families. Where do we go from here?
DEA Cracking Down On Opioid Crisis In MarylandMaryland's opioid crisis is setting off alarms throughout the state, and now the Drug Enforcement Administration has issued a call to action. 
Phone App Created In Md. Tracking Opioid OverdosesAs opioid-related deaths skyrocket across the country, local police and public health officials are fighting the epidemic from their cellphones.
Hagerstown Becomes Latest Maryland Community To Sue Pharmaceutical CompaniesHagerstown -- a community saturated with opioids but drained of resources -- prepares to go head-to-head with big drug companies.
Baltimore Church Working To Fight Opioid EpidemicBrown Memorial Presbyterian Church dedicated part of service Sunday to teach parishioners about the opioid epidemic.