Mayor Looking To Jump-Start Baltimore's Manufacturing IndustryA call is being placed for all inventors to be part of the next generation of manufacturers in Baltimore.
Wicomico Co. Looks To Expand Port Of SalisburyIt's a sobering threat to the future of business in Wicomico County: the end of federal dredging of the Wicomico River.
Port Of Baltimore Touts Its Coast Guard Grade Of 'Excellent' In Security The Port of Baltimore is touting the excellent grade it has received from the Coast Guard for the changes it's made to security.
Longshoremen Strike Halts All Operations At Port Of BaltimoreThe same night politicians finally strike a deal in Washington, the Port of Baltimore is negotiating its own deal. A union dispute has stopped all operations at the port--one of the busiest in the nation.
Port Of Baltimore Sees Another Record-Breaking YearThe Port of Baltimore is an economic boost for the state as it logs another record-breaking year.
First Fiat Cars Arrive At Port of BaltimoreThe first Fiat cars have arrived at the Port of Baltimore under an exclusive deal with the Italian automaker.
Vehicle Transfers Are On A Roll At Port Of BaltimorePort on a roll. The huge auto carriers called Ro-Ros, which roll cars for shipping and roll them off when they arrive at their destination, have helped make the Port of Baltimore the biggest auto handler in the United States.
Port of Baltimore Holds 17th Annual Ro/Ro Rodeo TrainingMore rolling cargo comes through the Port of Baltimore than any other dock in America. Keeping vehicles undamaged is one reason for that success.
Port Of Baltimore Holds Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony For 4 Gigantic CranesThinking big to stay in the game. That's what Baltimore's port is celebrating. Shipping is undergoing a major sea change, and the port is ready.
2012 A Record Year For Port Of BaltimoreA record year for the city's seaport. The Port of Baltimore handled more cars and machinery in 2012 than any other U.S. port.
Sandy Carnage: Fisker Karmas Submerged In Salt Water Burn At PortFor luxury automaker Fisker, things just go from bad to worse.