Protesters Hold Peaceful Demonstration In Baltimore, Urge Congress To Impeach Trump Following Riot At U.S. Capitol BuildingProtesters gathered for a peaceful demonstration in Baltimore Friday, urging Congress to impeach President Donald Trump following the riot at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday.
Maryland Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger Calls On Lawmakers To Invoke 25th Amendment, Remove President Trump From OfficeCongressman Dutch Ruppersberger on Wednesday called on Vice President Mike Pence and cabinet secretaries to invoke the 25th Amendment, which would remove President Trump from office.
Stimulus Check Update: 'Lapse In Payments Going To Force People Deeper Into Debt,' Says Business ProfDelays in signing and implementing the second stimulus could cause a lapse in unemployment benefits at a time when people can't afford it.
Biden Readies Sweeping Policy Shifts On COVID, Economy, Immigration And MorePresident-elect Joe Biden established himself on the campaign trail as the antonym to President Donald Trump when it came to key policy stances, promising strong responses to the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, criminal justice, immigration and health care.
'Save What Little Dignity You Have Left': Baltimore Mayor-Elect Brandon Scott Calls Out President Trump For Vote Count DisputesNewly elected as Baltimore's mayor, Brandon Scott is already calling out President Trump, as the country waits for the presidential election results.
As The Nation Awaits Final Presidential Election Results, Congress Slowly Takes ShapeWith all eyes on a closely-contested presidential race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, many Americans may be overlooking the state of the battle for the Congress.
Voters In GOP-Majority County Head To Polls In ‘Blue’ Md.Voters in the Republican-majority Queen Anne's County Tuesday headed to the polls in the consistently Democratic-leaning Maryland.
Trump And Biden Tweeting Toward ObjectivityWith former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump delivering their competing messaging through media appearances and on social media, voters have more places to inform their decision-making, and the candidates have taken notice.
What Will We Know And When Will We Know It On Election Day (Or Later)With record voter turnout, including a high volume of mail-in ballots, and mail delays expected, it is unclear whether we will know who the next president is on election night, experts say.
With Week To Go Before Election, Biden Holds 25-Point Lead Over Trump In Maryland, Poll FindsWith just a week to go before Election Day, Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden held a 25-point lead over incumbent Republican President Donald Trump in Maryland, the latest Gonzales poll found.
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Explains Vote For Ronald Reagan In 2020 Presidential Race: 'I Don't Think Either One Of The Candidates Is The Right Choice'Gov. Larry Hogan on Monday explained his rationale for writing in the late former President Ronald Reagan at the top of the ticket when he cast his ballot for the 2020 election.