Gov. Hogan Emphasizes Well-Being Of Working Families In State of the State AddressGovernor Hogan emphasized the well-being of working families in his State of the State address on Wednesday.
Hogan Focused On Tax Relief In State Of The State AddressMaryland Gov. Larry Hogan delivered his first State of the State address on Wednesday inside the Maryland State House.
READ: Gov. Larry Hogan's State Of The State AddressMd. newly elected Republican governor Larry Hogan delivers his first State of the State.
Gov. O'Malley Delivers His Final State Of The State AddressGovernor O'Malley's farewell State of the State address takes Marylanders through the past seven years of his administration.
Gov. O'Malley Focuses On Job Creation In State Of The State AddressGov. Martin O'Malley delivered his State of the State Address with a focus on job creation.
O'Malley Gives State Of The State Speech; Gas Tax & Jobs Are Big PrioritiesGovernor Martin O’Malley takes the podium in the House chamber for the annual State of the State Address. At a time when the state's economy continues to put pressure on working families, he is pressing for a tax increase on gasoline.
Md. Tea Partiers Plan Counter State AddressA group of Maryland tea partiers is planning its own state-of-the-state address to express its opposition to a series of fees and taxes lawmakers have floated as they seek to pass a budget.
Md. Woman Acknowledged By O’Malley Shares Her Job Search Story If you watched Governor Martin O’Malley’s State of the State Address on Thursday, you may have heard the governor tell the story about a woman who was unemployed but now has a higher paying job. WJZ tracked her down.
O’Malley Delivers State Of The State AddressThe state of Maryland is strong. That's the overall message from Governor Martin O’Malley as he lays out his priorities for his second term in office.
O’Malley Discusses The State Of The State With WJZIn less than 24 hours, Governor Martin O’Malley will address Marylanders about his vision for the next four years. But before he does that, he sat down with Vic Carter for a one-on-one discussion about his priorities.