Right-Wing Media Pushed A Deworming Drug To Treat Covid-19 That The FDA Says Is Unsafe For HumansPublic health officials are aggressively dispelling claims by right-wing media personalities who have been promoting an anti-parasitic drug used for livestock as a potential Covid-19 treatment.
Maryland-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Provider Offering Scholarship For African Americans Struggling With AddictionA Maryland-based substance abuse and mental health treatment provider is now offering a special scholarship for those struggling with addiction.
With An Increase Of Fentanyl On Streets, Opioid Treatment Van Helps Addicts RecoverParked outside Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center, the opioid treatment van is open Monday through Friday and serves the recently released inmates and anyone else who needs help handling their drug addiction.
Hogan Begins Third Round Of ChemoGovernor Larry Hogan is set to begin his third round of chemotherapy.
Cancer, Hair Loss Haven't Affected Gov. Hogan's Positive OutlookDays after Governor Larry Hogan showcases his new look online, he is talking about his health.
Gov. Hogan Prepares For 2nd Round Of ChemotherapyGovernor Hogan prepares for his second round of chemotherapy this weekend. The governor announced last month he has stage III non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
Gov. Hogan's Challenge: Balance Work, Cancer TherapyGovernor Larry Hogan announces he has an aggressive form of cancer. Now he is preparing for an intense first round of chemotherapy.
Treatment Continues For Ebola Patient At NIHAs an American with Ebola continues to receive treatment at a Maryland hospital Saturday night
NIH To Admit, Treat Another Ebola Patient FridayJust when it seemed like the Ebola crisis was subsiding, an American aid worker infected in Africa is on the way to a Maryland hospital.
Baltimore Man Raising Money For Possible Live-Saving TreatmentA Baltimore man is raising money using GoFundMe for a possible life-saving treatment in Israel.
Nurse In 'Fair' Condition After Flight From Dallas To FrederickSo far, only three cases of Ebola have been diagnosed on U.S. soil. But after missteps in the initial response and fears over hospitals not being prepared, panic over a possible outbreak is growing.