FBI Seeks Identities Of More People Photographed At US Capitol RiotsThe FBI is seeking to identify individuals who made unlawful entry into the U.S. Capitol building and assaulted federal law enforcement on January 6 during the Capitol riots. 
7 Federally Charged In US Capitol RiotsSeven people have been charged in federal court in connection with crimes committed at the U.S. Capitol riots in DC last week.
US Prosecutors Weighing Sedition Charges In Capitol RiotFederal prosecutors are considering sedition charges against at least some of the Trump loyalists who stormed the U.S. Capitol last week and will be examining the movement and money flow of the rioters who converged on Washington, officials said Tuesday.
Anne Arundel County Police Officer Suspended After Possible Involvement In US Capitol RiotsAn Anne Arundel County police officer has been suspended while the department investigates the officer's possible involvement in the US Capitol riots last week. 
FBI Continues To Seek Public's Help To Identify More Pro-Trump Rioters Who Rushed U.S. CapitolThe FBI has released more images of people who unlawfully entered the U.S. Capitol last week and assaulted federal law enforcement.
DC Mayor Bowser Pushes For Increased Security Around InaugurationDistrict of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser is seeking increased security around President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration in the wake of the mob insurrection at the Capitol.
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan: 'No Question' President Trump Is Responsible For Inciting US Capitol RiotGov. Larry Hogan says Sunday that "there is no question" in his mind that President Trump was responsible for inciting the riotous mob that took siege of the US Capitol on Wednesday.
US Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood Who Responded To Capitol Riot Dies Off-DutyA second US Capitol police officer who responded to the Capitol riots last week has died, Capitol police say.
Capitol Police Were Overrun, 'Left Naked' Against Rioters At US CapitolDespite ample warnings about pro-Trump demonstrations in Washington, U.S. Capitol Police did not bolster staffing on Wednesday and made no preparations for the possibility that the planned protests could escalate into massive violent riots, according to several people briefed on law enforcement's response.
Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate, State Sen. Amanda Chase Faces Facebook RestrictionsA Virginia gubernatorial candidate who is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump has had new restrictions placed on her Facebook account after falsely blaming antifa activists for Wednesday's deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Democrats, meanwhile, called on her to resign.
San Diego Woman From Maryland Shot, Killed While Pro-Trump Rioters Stormed The US CapitolA San Diego woman was shot and killed Wednesday when a mob of pro-Trump rioters rushed the U.S. Capitol building, causing lawmakers to flee and shelter in place during the Electoral College vote certification.