Ask An Expert: 2014’s Trends With Staying Power

December 23, 2014 1:00 AM

As the owner of image consulting, personal styling and shopping companies StyleMeASAP, Style Me NY and Style Me DC, Lindsay Weiner works with clients to update their image, making fashion fun, easy and accessible. With vast successes in both NY and DC, Lindsay wanted to find a way to reach a wider range of people and help individuals solve their fashion dilemmas – no matter where they are. So in 2011 she started Style Me ASAP, an online service that gives anyone with email access the ability to keep a stylist “on call.” Look out for her upcoming fashion blog,, coming soon.

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Lindsay Weiner (Courtesy of Lindsay Weiner)

Lindsay Weiner

Spun from the fabric of the D.C. metropolitan scene, Lindsay Weiner-Miller began her fashion career as the assistant stylist on the TLC version of the BBC show “What Not to Wear” and has styled for shows such as “Moving Up” with Doug Wilson. Lindsay has also worked on segments for “The Today Show” and the “Jane Pauly Show,” as well as various fashion editorial shoots. She has been featured in articles for Newsweek, Cosmopolitan and the Associated Press and can be found in books such as “168 Hours” and “Fashion for Dummies.”

A proud alumnus of the National Cathedral School and Brandeis University in the District, she is a Certified Image Consultant and graduate of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

What were the five hottest fashion trends in 2014?

  • Jogger Style Pants: Incredibly versatile, they can easily be dressed up or down and look great with heels and sneakers.                  
  • Crop Tops: Whether you want to go bold and daring or just show a sliver of skin, there is a crop top out there for everyone. 
  • Dressy Jumpsuits: A cool and surprising twist for a night out outfit. 
  • Fashionable Tech Gadgets: (see question 2)
  • CapesPonchos and Oversized Wraps: Seen on evening gowns (Solange Knowles’ Wedding Dress, Angelina Jolie at the “Unbroken” Premiere in London) to outerwear (the TOMS for Target Poncho that quickly sold out, the Burberry monogrammed poncho seen on numerous celebrities)

Are any of these trends completely new to the fashion scene?

“Wearable technology, that’s also fashionable, is definitely a new and exciting trend. You can now stay connected in awesome and chic ways – Tory Burch for FitBit and Ringly (the ring that syncs with your smartphone). There is also the Suzi Roher Urban Tech Belt, a belt that allows you to check your email, play your music, receive text messages, schedule notifications phone calls and more.”

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Which of these fashion trends are likely to stick around after 2014?

“The crop top trend is one that’s sticking around and that we’ll continue to see more of in 2015. And because of the variety in styles and cuts, I think it’s also a trend that women will be surprised that they can actually pull off!”

Which celebrities wore these styles the best?

“Right now, I am actually really into Taylor Swift. Her street style and red carpet looks are spot on. You can tell she enjoys fashion and is having fun with it. I also love that she mixes high-end pieces with lower-end ones – so cool.”

Any advice for easily duplicating these looks at home?

“If you’re not sure about a trend, try it, but don’t spend a fortune on it. Invest in classic pieces that you know you’ll wear frequently. Then, fill in the rest of your wardrobe with more fun (and less expensive) items. This way, if you decide the trend isn’t for you, the buyer’s remorse won’t be quite as bad!”

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