Sharan Nixon loves fashion. Fashion, according to Nixon, “allows her brain to breathe.” She also has a passion for the production side of fashion events, and shows her passion for fashion as the Executive Producer of Baltimore Fashion Week. The Baltimore Sun named Baltimore Fashion Week as one of Baltimore’s Annual Favorites of 2015. The Baltimore Fashion Week takes place August 14-16, 2015. Nixon states that Baltimore Fashion Week was created “to celebrate the collective talents of artists and designers by bringing individuals of the fashion and arts community together.” Baltimore Fashion Week 2015 is coming back to its roots by returning to the location of Baltimore’s historic War Memorial.

Sharan Nixon
Executive Producer
Baltimore Fashion Week
P.O. Box 29523
Baltimore, MD 21216
(410) 244-7370

Sharan Nixon, a multi-talented Baltimorean, is the Executive Producer of Baltimore Fashion Week, a position she has held for almost 9 years, and hosts her own radio show, the Sharan Nixon Show. Nixon is also the President and CEO of the Fashion Umbrella Foundation, the organization that sponsors and organizes Baltimore Fashion Week. Nixon, trained in business marketing, is pursuing a fashion degree. Nixon and her production team work tirelessly to transform venue spaces into high-end fashion arenas for Baltimore Fashion Week.

The Get Up And Go Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are back. Sharan Nixon believes that Baltimore will see a return of maxi dresses and maxi skirts this spring. These easy-to-wear maxi dresses and maxi skirts are also extremely low maintenance. According to Nixon, the maxi dress allows you to “just wash, dry and go!”

A Purse Jackie O. Would Be Proud Of

Can a woman have too many purses? This spring, the purse that everyone will clamor for is the 1920’s-style purses. The 1920’s-style purse is going to be a huge hit this spring, says Nixon. Nixon has already seen these trapezoid-shaped purses on the runway and in fashion magazines. As Nixon states, “Jackie O. would be so happy” to see 1920s purses make a comeback.

Floral Scarves…The Brighter The Better

Nixon likes floral prints; she especially likes floral print scarves. For Nixon, the “busier” the print, the better. Her prediction for a spring fashion trend is an accessory that women love: the floral scarf. Nixon prefers cotton scarves as silk floral scarves wrinkle easier.

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Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are going to be a huge hit this Spring, per Sharan Nixon. The more slender in design the pencil skirt the better, according to Nixon. She believes designers are embracing that women love to look slimmer. Designers are responding to the needs of women by bringing back the pencil skirt as one of the best spring fashion trends in Baltimore. Even if you are plus size woman, a pencil skirt can streamline your figure, asserts Nixon.

Dance Your Heart Out In Ballerina Flats

A footwear hit from 2014 will return for the spring 2015 season: ballerina flats. Nixon sees ballerina flats as a “must-have” staple for any woman’s wardrobe. As Nixon says, wearing ballerina flats allows for “styling for comfort.” The ever-so-famous ballerina flats are the most comfortable shoes Sharan Nixon owns. She has them in many colors; You name a color and Nixon has a ballerina flat in that color!

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