AFP Interiors doesn’t have a central office, but works from its website, over the phone or by appointment in your home. April Force Pardoe will meet with you and assess your home space, your needs, your budget and your time constraints, and from these, she will form a plan for getting you the best interior possible. AFP Interiors has gained quite a reputation in the Baltimore area, and is worth the call if you want to turn a house into a home.
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April Force Pardoe is the founder and owner of her company, AFP Interiors. She’s been in the business in Baltimore for over eight years, and her home designs have not gone unnoticed. She’s picked up features in Chesapeake Home & Living magazine, The Washington Post and in Howard magazine. Pardoe also writes a decorating column for Her Mind magazine.

But despite her busy media exposure, Pardoe still finds plenty of time to do what she really loves, which is to help active Baltimore homeowners create spaces which fit both their style and their lifestyle in a manner that fits their budget and time restrictions.
These are her personal suggestions to spruce up your home in a tasteful way for this Halloween season.

Establish A Color Palette That Works With Your Home Decor

“The classic Halloween colors have always been black and orange, and sometimes this makes your feel as if your are restricted to just these two colors when you are decorating your interior for the arrival of trick-or-treaters. But orange is a difficult color to get to work with most interiors. Well, you don’t have to use orange to decorate your home for Halloween. A palette of cream, black and gold is a great substitute for classic Halloween orange. If you don’t like orange and/or it doesn’t work with your existing decor, use colors that work well so your home is festive, but pulled together. Then select the following accessories to match the palette which you have selected.”

Add Thematic Elements Into Your Decor

“After you have laid out the palette for your home, it is time to spread items around the room to cement the theme. Use elements like faux pumpkins, painted in your palette, in groups around your home. Pumpkins stacked on books or urns add a touch of Halloween to any room. Other tasteful Halloween-themed elements might include cute black cats, owls, bats, cloth ghosts or ravens. Hang a black wreath over the mantle or in the window. Or consider laying the wreath as a centerpiece for your table along with some paper lanterns. A large glass vase full of small pumpkins is a great accent on a table. These will last year after year and can be repainted as needed.”

Add Some Words

“You’ve selected the palette, you’ve added the elements, now it’s time to spell out your theme… literally. Add some large painted letters – spelling out BOO or Wicked – to a mantle for a whimsical touch. Have an empty space on the wall that needs filling? “Trick or Treat” would add the perfect touch. Or go with a more classic “All Hallow’s Eve” spelled out. Show a bit of your personality!”

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Include Books With The Decor

‘Books are a grown-up way to decorate your house for a holiday of costumes and candy. Cover coffee table or large hardback books in decorative papers that match your color palette. Consider seasonal bookends, such as pumpkins, skulls or witches. Stack them in groups, topped with pumpkins, candles or a large gold spider!”

Don’t Forget The Candy!

“Candy never fails to please. Glass containers, with lids, full of candy pumpkins, black licorice or other easy-to-grab colorful candies, will add a finishing touch to your Halloween decor. Remember, this is primarily for decoration purposes. If you put trays of baked goods or homemade candies out, do it right before they are going to be eaten. Containers being used for decoration should be filled with candy that is going to last, such as candy corn.”

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