There is a new way to get fast food in Baltimore. Forget drive-thru, the following food trucks offer curbside dining— from burgers to burritos, from soup to dessert!


Kooper’s Chowhound Burger Wagon

Kooper’s Chowhound serves award-winning gourmet burgers on the go. Check its website for the schedule.


Juana Burrito

Juana Burrito is a mobile burrito truck that serves what it refers to as “real” Mexican burritos and tacos.


Curbside Café

Curbside Café offers fresh burritos all across Baltimore City. Check its Facebook page for the location of the day.



If dessert is what you’re looking for, keep an eye out for the white pink polka-dotted truck. What’s inside? IcedGems cupcakes and other gourmet treats.


Souper Freaks

Souper Freaks vows to save your hunger pains with salads, sandwiches—and an assortment of soup, of course. Check its Facebook page for locations.


Gypsy Queen Cafe

This restaurant on wheels offers both Maryland staples (such as crab balls) and homemade desserts. While the menu changes regularly, Gypsy Queen Café is a constant, year-long mobile entity.