Every state has its own proud traditions of local beer production, and Maryland is particularly proud of theirs. The Brewers Association of Maryland has close to 40 members, and this doesn’t count local brewers who don’t belong to that particular organization. But where to purchase and sample these fine products? Here are five excellent shops in and around Baltimore which are proud to carry the finest in local brews.

Perfect Pour
6630 Marie Curie Drive, Suite E
Elkridge, MD 21075
(443) 285-0702

The Perfect Pour has a large show floor packed with spirits of every kind, chief among them the hard-to-find craft beers. Since half the fun of drinking craft beer is discovering new gems, be sure to ask their knowledgeable sales staff. Or, you could just sample the local craft beers themselves at their 12 tap filling station which pours freshly-brewed beers ice-cold and straight from the keg into reusable 32 or 64 ounce glass growlers, which you are invited to keep afterwards. Still want more? Attend one of their weekly tasting events. You’ll learn what you like and take home as much as you need!

Shawan Liquors 
11339 York Road
Cockeysville, MD 21030
(410) 527-9463

Three things stand out at Shawan. The first is the size of the venue, which makes it more like a supermarket of liquors than a corner booze store. The second is the overall quality. Not only are the brands and variety of local craft beers excellent, but the store doesn’t look like a warehouse. With stained wood and pleasant lighting, the ambiance makes the shopping experience more like sampling from a wine cellar or bar than from a liquor store. The final thing is the price, which is surprisingly affordable. Also, if you happen to be a police officer, fireman, or military personnel, bring your ID to get additional discounts.

State Line Liquors 
1610 Elkton Road
Elkton, MD 21921
(410) 398-3838

State Line Liquors stands in a class of its own. Don’t be stymied by the fact that it lies a little outside of Baltimore. People drive from miles (even states) around just to get the tremendous variety and quality of local craft beers and imports that State Line has to offer. The fact that people are coming from places like Delaware and Virginia to sample Maryland beer should say something!

Although the building isn’t much to look at on the outside, it is any beer-lover’s paradise on the inside. You can make your own six-pack by selecting whichever six bottles you like, which is good luck for you; because as of 2015, RateBeer.com honored State Line as #3 Bottle Shop in the world.
Make sure you enjoy the on-tap craft beers while you are visiting, and get a sense of the stuff Maryland has to offer.

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Wine World Beer And Spirits
406 Constant Friendship Blvd.
Abingdon, MD 21009
(410) 569-8646

Only a little north of the Baltimore County line, Wine World is still well worth the trip for a number of reasons. More than just a store, Wine World seeks to make itself a community for liquor enthusiasts, hosting special events such as tastings, brewing parties, dinners, and more. Come in and sample their one-of-a-kind Wine Ice Cream, or, of course, their large assortment of craft beers. Fans can follow their feeds to get up-to-the minute news on new arrivals of local brews or come in each week for their free tastings to sample a number of select craft beers prior to purchase. Fans don’t lie, and Wine World has over a thousand on their media feeds. Take a visit, and you may just end up being one of them.

The Wine Source
3601 Elm Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 467-7777

One of the things that makes shopping at a liquor store that takes pride in wine as well as beer nice is the atmosphere. The wine source feels practically Tuscan, like wandering through a wine cellar, with gourmet food to seal the deal. Fear not, however, because the beer selection is excellent and they offer growlers and kegs.

Wine Source has a professional growler-filling machine which fills your glass with a local flavor for sampling or a nice afternoon draft, or pour your own directly at home with their take home growlers! If you want a nice keg of the local flavors, the Wine Source is also the place to go. So go!

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