There’s something about the holidays that inspires even the least crafty holiday observers. Don’t worry if you can’t crochet snowmen or build your own tree stand, these four local designers shared their best seasonal craft ideas to make your house look like a professional took hold. From simple printables to painted crab shell ornaments, these crafts help create happy holidays with options even appropriate for kids.

credit: Alayna Woods

credit: Alayna Woods

Crab Shell Ornament

A Custom Creation
Alayna Woods

These ornaments represent the holidays and what Baltimore is best known for — crabs. First, enjoy Maryland crabs and save the shells. Soak them in warm water and soap, and then scrub with a toothbrush. Air dry the shells for about a week. Sketch a design on the shell, and then paint with enamel paint. Once the design is painted, allow the shell to dry for 24 hours, then add a layer of clear gloss glaze. Allow the glaze to dry. Cut about six inches of ribbon (any color), fold into a loop, and then hot glue the ribbon to the back of the shell.

About Alayna Woods
Alayna was born and raised in Baltimore and has always enjoyed painting and drawing. After gifting friends and family with her crab shell ornaments, Woods started selling them on Etsy in her shop, A Custom Creation.

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Paper Gingerbread House

Chickabug LLC
Heather Dalton

Use shiny gum wrappers to dress up a faux gingerbread house. Start by printing the template. Cut out each shape. Trace the shapes onto very heavy card stock or cardboard. Cut each shape, and then fold in the appropriate places. Use a glue stick and wallpaper the sides and back of the house with the gum wrappers. (Leave the tabs uncovered.) Cut red and green gum into thirds and use the pieces to create colored shingles on the roof. Decorate the front of the house with white, red and green candies. Hot glue the bottom half of the house together, attaching the tabs to the inside walls. Apply a thin layer of glue along the top edges of the base and set the roof in place.

Holiday Photo Banner

Download the printable kit, which includes patterns that leave space for 4 by 6-inch horizontal or vertical photographs. Letters spelling “Merry Christmas,” and phrases such as “deck the halls” and “’tis the season” are also printable. Punch holes and thread colored ribbon through to jazz them up. Tie a bow and hang the letters or photos. The printable phrases may be used on holiday packaging for a festive touch.

About Heather Dalton
Heather worked as a graphic designer and art director for 10 years. She said she loved designing invitations, so she started posting designs to Etsy. Within a year, maintaining the shop and writing her blog became her full-time job.

credit:Kelly Kidder

credit: Kelly Kidder

Holiday Fabric Wreath

Elizabeth’s Place
Kelly Kidder

For an easy afternoon project, pick up a wire hoop at a local craft store. (One with four wires will work well.) Grab holiday-themed fabric and cut into one- by seven-inch strips. Tie the fabric strips onto the wire in a random pattern. Double knot the fabric strips to ensure that they stay in place. Alternate different sizes and fabrics until all of the wire is covered and the wreath is full.

About Kelly Kidder
Kelly is a stay-at-home mom with two small boys. She said she loves to sew and create useful items, which resulted in the launch of her Etsy store.

credit:Caroline Urdaneta

credit: Caroline Urdaneta

Soda Cap Centerpiece

Salsa Pie
Caroline Urdaneta

These soda cap centerpieces are an easy addition to the holiday table. Stick round stickers (or glue paper circles) into the inside of each soda cap. Use Mod Podge to seal the inside of the cap, if desired. Next, cut varied sizes of wire based on the size of the container. Glue the backs of two soda caps with a piece of wire sandwiched in between the caps. Continue to create the cap “flowers.” Gather sturdy greenery, such as juniper and fir, and arrange it in a container. (If it needs more support, place a wet paper towel in the bottom of the container.) Arrange the cap-and-wire “flowers” among the greenery. Add water to keep the greens fresh.

About Caroline Urdaneta

Caroline is a designer of creative family projects, crafter, painter and mother of four children. She started Salsa Pie in 2009 to help foster innovative spirit in her children.

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