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Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

31 E Cross St.,
Baltimore, MD 21230
(443) 438-4039

It’s Sunday afternoon, you’ve just finished watching the Ravens destroy yet another team, and all of a sudden it hits you… you have a date in an hour. This is your last chance to impress, but you haven’t made any reservations or plans passed finishing your beer. Don’t cancel just yet– grab some coffee, and maybe a shower and let Chef Chris Amendola (of Fleet Street Kitchen) and Beverage Director, Ryan Sparks (of Jack’s Bistro) help you out at the new Bookmarkers cocktail club.

Ryan Perlberg, owner of Rye, opened Bookmakers door recently, to bring a more classy touch to another fratty street. And man, is it working. Yes, the prices are at the higher end, but this beautiful vintage-style bar and restaurant draws a very trendy crowed and is here to impress.

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Set yourself up at the bar or at one of the comfortable tables, and enjoy the popular tunes overhead. The low lighting will not only set the mood, but will also help prevent your date from noticing you didn’t have time to shave.

Did you miss the end of the Raven’s game? You can still catch it on one of the two screens at the bar. And your lady may not even notice if you angle yourself just right.

No need for the awkward small talk. The cocktail menu is the focal point of conversation. Though every drink tastes like heaven in a glass, I suggest kicking off your meal with the Witches Word (riverboat rye, strega, barenjager, fresh lemon, house made nasturtium tincture) or a traditional Pimms cup, with house made ginger beer.

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While you’re sipping your drinks, dive into any of Chris Amendola’s snack-size dishes, such as the popcorn smothered in fennel pollen, brown butter and parmesan cheese, or the mushroom stew with ricotta gnudi, toasted pine nuts, braised leeks, absinthe, and a poached egg. The menu changes often and the ingredients are always fresh, even if you aren’t.

With a spot like this you’re bound to impress (even if you are a frat boy).

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for Baltimore.