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Photo Credit: Brookstone

Photo Credit: Brookstone

2.4Hz Wireless TV Headphones
Price: Was $119.99 Now $99.99
Buy Here

Is your roommate making too much noise all the time? Are they always stomping around driving you crazy? Well, unlike Charlie Kelly in Always Sunny, we may not have a cool new invention like “Kitten Mittons”, but there may be a solution.

Brookstone is now selling an awesome product to drown out your roommates stomping, singing, and other noises you’d rather not hear… The new 2.4Hz Wireless TV Headphones not only connect to your TV, but also to your stereo, computer, and mobile device.

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You’ll no longer have to strain to hear those actors whispering at the most important part of your show, because with quality like this you won’t miss a sound. Automatic frequency-switching technology (I swear that’s a real thing) ensures no interference with other devices, so you can still fly your mini RC helicopters around the apartment without hearing any static.

And, on top of all this… wait for it… you won’t have to miss a second of the game when you run to the fridge or hit the latrine, because the Digital UHF technology (didn’t make that one up either) allows you to use your headphones even in a different room.

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So, go ahead, throw on that late night game, or grab another sneak at the new Taylor Swift video (or any other videos you like to watch alone…) because now you won’t have to worry about anyone else listening, but you.

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for Baltimore.