A study in Israel found a fourth dose of the Pfizer vaccine significantly increased protection against COVID-19 hospitalization and deaths.

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HealthWatch: Study Highlights Benefits Of Fourth Pfizer DoseA study in Israel found a fourth dose of the Pfizer vaccine significantly increased protection against COVID-19 hospitalization and deaths.
HealthWatch: Acupuncture Can Decrease Headaches, According To New ResearchAccording to research in the Journal of Neurology, acupuncture can decrease headaches for people with chronic tension by up to 50% per month.
HealthWatch: Supplements You Should Avoid To Prevent Heart Disease And CancerA federal panel said there's not enough evidence to support the use of multivitamins to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease.
HealthWatch: Females Developing Long COVID Is 22% Higher Than MalesSymptoms in females include ear, nose and throat problems, and mood, fatigue and gastrointestinal issues.
HealthWatch: Common Air Pollutants Associated With More Severe Cases Of COVID-19The latest in health and fitness news
Omicron Variant Hit Massachusetts Harder Than Delta Variant, Study FindsA new study has found that the COVID-19 Omicron variant hit Massachusetts harder than the Delta variant. Researchers have also found that children who grow up with a dog or a large family have better gut health than those without.
HealthWatch: Cancer Death Rates Among Black Americans Declining, But Still ElevatedCancer rates among Black people in the United States are declining, but they remain higher than those of people in other racial and ethnic groups, accordingly to newly released data. Also, a new study shows medicinal marijuana can help cancer patients cope with pain.
HealthWatch: Vaccine After Infection Linked To Decrease In Long-Haul COVID-19 SymptomsGetting vaccinated even after a COVID-19 infection is linked to a decrease in long-term COVID symptoms, according to the findings of a new study.
HealthWatch: Pfizer & Moderna Vaccines Offer Better Protection Against COVID Variants, Study ShowsResearchers in the Netherlands have found that mRNA vaccines, such as those produced by Pfizer and Moderna, offer better protection than their counterparts against COVID-19 variants.
HealthWatch: Children From Low-Income Communities At Higher Risk Of Going To ICUChildren from low-income communities are at a heightened risk of being admitted to the pediatric ICU and dying there, according to a new study.
HealthWatch: Pfizer Vaccine Prevented 8.7M COVID-19 Infections & 110,000 DeathsA new study has found that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine headed off 8.7 million COVID-19 infections as well as 110,000 deaths.
HealthWatch: Over 7 Million Europeans Estimated To Have Skin CancerMore than 7 million Europeans are estimated to have skin cancer, according to a new study. A separate study found there might be significant benefits to treating opioid abuse during pregnancy.
HealthWatch: Exercise Helps Seniors With Mobility Problems, Study FindsExercise goes a long way toward helping seniors with mobility problems, according to a recent study.
HealthWatch: Medication To Treat Opioid Disorder Being Underutilized, Study SaysA new study suggests that medication used to treat opioid disorders is being underutilized. Plus, stress might play a role in infertility issues among women.
HealthWatch: Text Message Program Helping Heart Attack SurvivorsThe latest in health and fitness headlines
Children From Low-Income Households Had More Pandemic Weight Gain, Study FindsNew research shows pandemic-related weight gain may have disproportionately affected children from low-income households.
HealthWatch: Severe Obesity May Weaken Antibody Response To COVID Vaccine, Study FindsA new study suggests that people who are severely obese may have a weakened antibody response to COVID-19 vaccines.
HealthWatch: Cancer Diagnosis Does Not Affect COVID-19 Vulnerability, Study FindsA new study finds that patients who were diagnosed with cancer over a year ago and are not receiving treatment are no more vulnerable to worse outcomes from COVID-19 than those without cancer.
HealthWatch: Overweight Adults Unsuccessful With Weight Loss Over Past YearThree-quarters of adults who are considered obese tried to lose weight over the past year, but most of them have been unsuccessful. That's according to a survey of roughly 2,000 adults with obesity from six European countries.
HealthWatch: Marketing Does Impact Children's Food Choices, Study FindsThe latest in health and fitness headlines
HealthWatch: 316,000 COVID-19 Deaths Could Have Been Avoided, Study ShowsA new study estimates more than 316,000 COVID-related deaths in the U.S. could have been avoided during the pre-Omicron phase of the pandemic, with 62% of those deaths occurring in the South.
HealthWatch: Adults With Asthma May Be More Likely To Become Obese, Study FindsA new study has found that adults who suffer from asthma may be more prone to become obese. Plus, researchers say green spaces might help protect people against dementia.
HealthWatch: FDA Authorizes NJOY Tobacco-Flavored E-CigarettesA federal agency has given the green light to four tobacco-flavored products.
HealthWatch: Task Force Discourages People From Taking Aspirin Daily For Heart HealthAfter years of recommending regular doses of aspirin to prevent heart attack and stroke, scientists now say it might not be beneficial.

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