Waiting more than five hours in the emergency room is linked to a higher risk of death, according to the results of a new study.

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HealthWatch: Long Wait Times At ER Linked To Higher Risk Of DeathWaiting more than five hours in the emergency room is linked to a higher risk of death, according to the results of a new study.
HealthWatch: School-Based Programs Teaching Healthy Habits Create Lifestyle ChangesA new study finds school-based programs teaching healthy habits for diet, exercise, and emotion management can create lasting lifestyle changes.
HealthWatch: Preterm Births, Stillbirths & Newborn Deaths More Common Among Women With COVID-19A new study of more than 87,000 pregnancies found that preterm births, stillbirths, and newborn deaths were more common among women with COVID at the end of their pregnancy.
HealthWatch: CDC Study Finds 2019-2020 Flu Vaccine Protected Children From Serious IllnessA new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that the 2019-2020 flu vaccine protected children from serious illness, even if the strain of influenza they had was different from the one in the vaccine.
HealthWatch: Minorities More Likely To Be Exposed To Dangerous Air PollutionAccording to a new Harvard study, areas with predominantly Black and Latino residents still have higher concentrations of dangerous pollution.
HealthWatch: Study Shows More Baby Boomers Dying From Opioid OverdosesThe latest in health & fitness news.
HealthWatch: Long-Term Exposure To Pollution Might Heighten COVID-19 RiskResearchers say long-term exposure to air pollution may heighten the risk of COVID-19, especially for people ages 55 and older.
HealthWatch: Study Finds Legalized Cannabis Sending Kids To ERResearchers have found that legalized cannabis is sending more and more children to the emergency room.
HealthWatch: Global Dementia Cases Expected To Triple Over Next 30 Years, Study SaysCases were expected to climb to 153 million by 2050. While largely due to population growth and aging, the authors of the study also cites smoking, obesity and education level among the risk factors.
HealthWatch: Pollution Contributing To Asthma Risks, Plus N-95 Masks ReusableResearchers have found that pollution causes asthma in 2 million children each year, plus a new study finds that N-95 masks can be reused safely so long as they're properly sanitized between uses.
HealthWatch: Babies Born In 1st Year Of Pandemic Scored Lower In Motor & Social SkillsA new study has found that babies born during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic scored lower when it comes to motor and social skills.
HealthWatch: FDA Authorizes Pfizer Booster For Children Ages 12 & UpThe Food and Drug Administration has authorized booster shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children as young as 12.
HealthWatch: Fruits & Vegetables Could Help Pregnant Women Avoid Gestational DiabetesA diet rich in fruits and vegetables could help pregnant women avoid gestational diabetes, researchers have found.
HealthWatch: Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Associated With Lower Risk Of Severe COVID-19 InfectionA Cleveland Clinic study has found that patients who lost weight as a result of bariatric surgery had a lower risk of experiencing severe illness as a result of COVID-19 infection.
HealthWatch: New Research Finds Link Between E-Cigarette Use & Decision To Quit SmokingThe latest in health & fitness news.
HealthWatch: Diets Rich In Red Meat Increase Risk For Cardiovascular DiseaseCleveland Clinic researchers say a diet rich in red meat increases your risk of cardiovascular disease.
HealthWatch: COVID-19 Patients With High Blood Pressure Or Diabetes More Likely To Die, Study FindsCOVID-19 patients with high blood pressure or diabetes are 20 percent more likely to die, an international study finds.
HealthWatch: Study Finds Sitting In Aisle Set Could Put You At Greater Risk Of Catching A VirusThe latest in health and fitness news
HealthWatch: Study Finds Enjoyable Exercise May Be More Beneficial Than Long WorkoutsA recent study found that more enjoyable, feel-good exercise may help more with weight loss than long, strenuous workouts.
HealthWatch: Study Finds Children Responsible For Most COVID Outbreaks In SchoolsA new study finds that children were responsible for most COVID-19 outbreaks in schools and pre-schools, but the outbreaks were more severe when an adult was the first identified case.
HealthWatch: Study Finds Cough The First Symptom Of COVID-19Researchers studying the order of symptoms of COVID-19 have found that a cough is the first noticeable symptom.
HealthWatch: Study Finds Double Masking Offers Best Protection Against COVID-19A new study finds that doubling up on masks is the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19, plus experts say nursery rhymes help teach children how to avoid head injuries.
HealthWatch: Countries With Vaccine Passports Saw Increase In VaccinationsA recent study found some countries that introduced vaccine passports had increases in vaccinations. A separate study found that woman are more likely than men to drink when stressed.
HealthWatch: Those Previously Infected & Vaccinated May Have Stronger Protection Against OmicronThe latest in health & fitness news.

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