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Healthwatch: Kidney Disease Patients Face Greater Risk Of DementiaThe latest health news headlines.
Healthwatch: U.S. Birth Rate Drops To Lowest Number In 42 YearsThe latest health news.
Healthwatch: People Over 50 Less Likely To Tell Doctors They Are Using Marijuana, Survey SaysThe latest health news headlines from WJZ-TV.
Healthwatch: Delayed Antibiotic Prescribing Is Safe And Effective For Most Patients, Study SaysThe latest health news headlines.
Healthwatch: Bullied Teens More Likely To Think About Violent ActsThe latest health news headlines.
Healthwatch: Secondhand Smoke Exposure Could Make You More Likely To Develop Oral CancerThe latest health related news headlines.
Healthwatch: Cannabis Use During Pregnancy Rising, Risking Premature Birth And Low Birth RateA rise in cannabis use during pregnancy has been reported leading to premature birth and low birth rate.
Healthwatch: Listening To Music Before Bed May Improve SleepThe latest heath news headlines
Healthwatch: Not Getting Enough Uninterrupted Sleep Could Increase Risk Of DeathThe latest health news headlines.
Healthwatch: Fit Matters More Than Layers When It Comes To Double MaskingThe latest health news headlines.
Healthwatch: Medical Cannabis For Childhood Epilepsy May Trigger Early PubertyThe latest health news.
Healthwatch: Later School Start Times Could Positively Impact Children's Sleep SchedulesThe latest health news headlines.
Healthwatch: Some E-Cigarettes Associated With Reduced SmokingThe latest health news headlines.
Healthwatch: Childhood Cognitive Problems Could Lead To Mental Health Issues Later, Study SaysLatest health news headlines.
Healthwatch: Children Are Waiting Longer For Access To Emergency Mental Health TreatmentThe latest health news from WJZ.
Healthwatch: Healthy Diet & Exercise May Improve Chemotherapy Outcomes In ChildrenThe latest health news.
Healthwatch: Pregnant Women Who Drink Caffeine Are At A Higher Risk Of Having Smaller BabiesThe latest in health news
HealthWatch: Understanding Symptomless COVID-19 Transmission Key To EradicationHealthWatch: Understanding Symptomless COVID-19 Transmission Key To Eradication
HealthWatch: Too Much Screen Time Could Lead To Behavior Problems In Young Kids, Doctors WarnDoctors warn too much screen time could lead to behavior problems in young kids.
HealthWatch: Slower Middle-Aged Walkers More Likely To Die From COVID-19, Study FindsA study finds middle-aged people who walk more slowly are four times more likely to die from COVID-19.
HealthWatch: Mother's Diet During Pregnancy Could Have Long-Term Impacts On Child's WeightA mother's diet during pregnancy could have long-term effects on a child's weight.
Healthwatch: Suffering A Head Injury In Your 50s Or Younger May Have Long Term EffectsThe latest health news
HealthWatch: Researchers Warn Of Stroke Disguised As Eye ProblemThe American Heart Association warns of a stroke that's disguised as an eye problem.
HealthWatch: Taking Anti-Seizure Drugs During Pregnancy Doesn't Affect Child's DevelopmentA new study found taking anti-seizure drugs during pregnancy does not affect a child's development.

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