HealthWatch: Scientists Work To Identify What Causes Food AllergiesScientists are zeroing in on what triggers allergic food reactions.
HealthWatch: Blood Pressure Medications Are Safe For COVID-19 Patients, Study SaysA new study finds common blood pressure medications are safe for patients hospitalized with COVID-19.
HealthWatch: Children Likely To Recover From COVID-19, Review FindsCOVID-19 is generally mild in children, a review finds.
HealthWatch: Skin-To-Skin Contact With Father Helps Child After C-Section DeliveryA new study highlights the benefits of skin-to-skin contact between a father and child after a C-section delivery.
HealthWatch: Flu Shots For Healthcare Workers Can Protect ElderlyState laws requiring flu shots for healthcare workers may be key in protecting the elderly.
HealthWatch: Doctor On Biden's COVID-19 Board Says It May Be Fall Before Things Return To NormalA member of President-elect Joe Biden's COVID-19 Advisory Board says his team needs more information to understand which bottlenecks are slowing the distribution of the vaccine.
HealthWatch: People Who Vape More Likely To Report Difficulty Concentrating, Making DecisionsPeople who vape are more likely to report difficulty concentrating, remembering and making decisions, according to two studies.
Healthwatch: Even Casual Cigarette Smokers May Be AddictedThe latest health news headlines.
HealthWatch: COVID-19 Causes More Severe Disease Than Flu, Study FindsCOVID-19 Causes More Severe Disease Than Flu, Study Finds
Healthwatch: 3.7 Billion Adults Worldwide Are Willing To Take COVID-19 VaccineThe latest health headlines.
HealthWatch: Patients More Likely To Die On Surgeon's Birthday, Study FindsPatients who undergo surgery are more likely to die if the procedure is performed on their surgeon's birthday, according to a new study in the BMJ.
HealthWatch: Research Shows Gastric Bypass Surgery Helps DiabeticsResearch shows gastric bypass surgery helps diabetics.
HealthWatch: Not Enough Americans Got Flu Shot Last Year For Herd ImmunityA new study found not enough adults got the flu shot last year to reach herd immunity.
HealthWatch: Cancer Cases Increasing Among Teens, Young AdultsCancer cases in teens and young adults have increased 30% over the past four decades.
HealthWatch: Pollution Could Be Risk Factor For Alzheimer'sThere's new evidence that pollution could be a risk factor for Alzheimer's.
HealthWatch: Mediterranean Diet Can Reduce Risk Of Diabetes In WomenMediterranean Diet Can Reduce Risk Of Diabetes In Women
HealthWatch: Blood Pressure Drug Could Help Treat AlcoholismA blood pressure medication could help treat alcoholism.
HealthWatch: Overweight Adults At Risk Of Serious COVID-19 ComplicationsBeing overweight or obese puts patients at higher risk of serious COVID-19 complications, new research finds.
HealthWatch: Cancer Patients Avoiding Clinical Trials Curing COVID-19 Pandemic, Study FindsCancer patients are avoiding taking part in clinical trials amid the coronavirus pandemic, a study found.
Don't Put Off Essential Screenings Like Mammograms Because Of COVID-19, Doctors WarnCOVID-19 isn’t stopping other diseases like cancer. That’s why experts are saying it’s essential to keep up with mammograms.
HealthWatch: Diagnostic Radiation Increases Risk Of Tumor In Men, Study SuggestsEarly and repeated exposure to X-rays and CT scans may increase the risk of testicular cancer, a study suggests.
HealthWatch: Masks With Vents May Not Slow Spread Of COVID-19Face masks with ventilation valves may not slow the spread of COVID-19.
HealthWatch: 'Diseases Of Despair' Skyrocket In USDiseases like substance abuse and alcoholism have skyrocketed in the U.S. over the past decade.
HealthWatch: Almost 20% Of COVID-19 Patients May Only Present With Gastrointestinal SymptomsResearchers say almost 20% of COVID-19 patients may only present with gastrointestinal symptoms.

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