Research out of UCLA finds that adult flu vaccination rates have declined in states with low COVID vaccination rates.

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Monkeypox Symptoms Different Than Previous Outbreaks, Research FindsNew research on the monkeypox outbreak shows that symptoms this time around are different than those seen with previous outbreaks.
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HealthWatch: Most Americans Need To Do More To Improve Heart HealthThe American Heart Association says Americans needs to do more to improve their cardiovascular fitness. A study from the group found that just one in five U.S. adults has ideal heart health.
HealthWatch: Deaths During Pregnancy Or Right After Delivery Up In 2020Deaths during pregnancy or right after delivery increased by 18% in the U.S. in 2020. That's according to new mortality data from the National Center for Health Statistics.
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HealthWatch: People Infected With Omicron Variant Less Likely To Develop Long COVIDPeople who are infected with the Omicron variant are less likely to develop long COVID compared to those infected with the Delta strain.
HealthWatch: Adult Flu Vaccinations Down In States With Low COVID Vaccination RatesResearch out of UCLA finds that adult flu vaccination rates have declined in states with low COVID vaccination rates.
HealthWatch: Keeping Diabetes At Bay Is Key To A Healthy HeartA study from Johns Hopkins University looks at older adults and finds that uncontrolled diabetes is at least 1.5 times more likely to push early-stage heart failure patients into late stage. Patients whose hearts show signs of structural heart disease were more likely to experience heart failure at a younger age.
HealthWatch: Higher Blood Glucose Levels Linked To Heart Attack RiskPeople with above-normal blood glucose levels may be at higher risk of heart attacks. The condition is known as pre-diabetes. Researchers in New Jersey found it's linked with 25-percent higher odds of having a heart attack.
HealthWatch: Clinical Trial Underway To Evaluate Inhalable VaccineA clinical trial is underway to evaluate the efficacy of an inhalable vaccine to treat respiratory infections such as tuberculosis, COVID and the flu.
HealthWatch: Study Finds Link Between Fish-Heavy Diet & Malignant MelanomaA study published in "Cancer Causes & Control," a peer-reviewed medical journal, finds a link between high fish intake and malignant melanoma. Researchers believe the connection could be due to contaminants found in fish.
Frequent Nightmare Could Be Early Sign Of Parkinson's Disease, Study FindsFrequent bad dreams could be an early sign of Parkinson's disease, according to the findings of a new study.
HealthWatch: Not Much Known About Cannabis Products Providing Pain Relief, Study FindsThe latest in health and fitness news
ASK A DOC: LifeBridge Health's Dr. Nicole Mahdi Talks About Stroke With WJZ's Denise KochLifeBridge Health's Dr. Nicole Mahdi, director of stroke program at Northwest Hospital, sits down with Denise Koch to discuss strokes, the differences between them and heart attacks, potential risk factors, prevention and the treatment options available.
HealthWatch: Cancer Screenings Declined By Millions In US During PandemicThe latest in health and fitness headlines
HealthWatch: Growing Number Of Children Winding Up Hospitalized After Taking MelatoninResearch shows more children are being hospitalized after taking the sleep supplement melatonin.
HealthWatch: Getting Help Quitting Smoking Could Depend On Where You LiveSmokers living in the South or West are significantly less likely to get help quitting than smokers living in the Northeast, according to new research.
Alarming Number Of Men Might Be Skipping Annual Health Exams, Study FindsA new study examining patients who died of alcohol-related liver disease found that more than half of the patients had either no diagnosis or a diagnosis less than six months before they died.
HealthWatch: Heart Disease Likely Worsens Without 'Gold Standard' TreatmentResearchers say cardiac disease likely worsens when patients do not receive 'gold standard' care. That treatment, they say, was not given at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.
HealthWatch: Alarming Number Of Teens Becoming Smokers, Study FindsAn alarming number of teens are becoming smokers, according to the findings of a new study.
HealthWatch: Residents Of States With Legalized Marijuana More Likely To Start UsingNew research finds that residents of states where marijuana is legalized are more likely to start using.

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