The Ravens’ Ray Rice avoids a ticket and a Baltimore County police officer gets an autograph. 

Adam May explains why the running back is now apologizing.

Star Ravens running back Ray Rice is forced to defend himself against allegations of special treatment following a message he sent to his fans on Twitter.  It stated, “Just got pulled over for my tints (shaking my head) but gave the officer an autograph for his son and he let me go.”

Now Rice says his Tweet was an error in judgment.

“The cop said his son was a big fan so I took it to myself to offer an autograph to his son, that was after the warning.  Bad decision by me, wording it on Twitter,” Rice said.

The incident occurred at the parking lot of a video game store in Owings Mills.

Baltimore County police tell WJZ they are investigating the incident, saying Rice was given a verbal warning for window tinting that was too dark.

“I don’t want to make it seem like I’m getting unfair treatment by an officer.  He’s doing his job and I won’t make that decision to put it on Twitter again,” Rice said.  “And I must get my tints fixed because they are pretty dark.”

Rice took the Tweet off his Twitter account after people started asking questions.

Police did not say how long their investigation might take.


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