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Man with $3 million bounty on his head reportedly turns himself in to police
Army debuts drone designed to plunge into aerial and ground targets, including ships
The drop in oil prices has been very bad for Russia. It has caused a recession and inflation could hit double digits in 2015. Debora Patta reports from London.
North Korea hurls racial slurs against President Obama, accuses U.S. of causing Internet outage amid Sony hacking scandal
Check out the most compelling photos on, including an amazing photo of people dressed in Santa Claus outfits riding gondolas in Venice, Italy.
Egypt's censorship board took issue with the biblical movie about Moses
Watch as a disagreement over political party quotas escalates from swearing to an all-out fist fight

What am I seeing?

Some images just need more explaining than others
Russian president says "we cannot afford this long holiday" amid economic crisis
NATO flatly denied it was a threat to Russia, and accused Russia of undermining European security

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