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Two men appear on Polish TV claiming they found Nazi train said to be laden with gold
Top Stories: Illinois police killed in the line of duty, Waves of Middle Eastern migrants showing up in Europe, Bush and Trump continue war of words and Sasha DiGiulian becomes an historic climber
As tens of thousands of migrants pour into countries across Europe, nations scramble to find solutions
Images of the tiny body of 3-year old Aylan Kurdi sparked a global outpouring of sympathy, and shocked European governments into renewed focus on tackling the migrant crisis
Militants claim ancient relics and sites of worship promote idolatry; UNESCO calls destruction "intolerable crime against civilization"
Sunni Arab nations have joined up, with U.S. backing, to try and wrestle control of neighbour nation back from Shiite rebels
Men allegedly met the 20-year-old woman in a popular tourist destination and offered to be her tour guides
Seriously injured man who witnesses thought was having a heart attack managed to get back on his surf ski and get help
The body of a young Syrian boy washed ashore in Turkey has put a new and sharper focus on the migrant crisis confronting Europe
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