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Australian officials say that it's very likely that the piece of an airplane wing found on a French island in the Indian Ocean is from the missing Boeing-777
164 skydivers flying head-down created the largest ever vertical skydiving formation Friday over central Illinois, as they fell at 240 miles per hour
The flaperon found on Reunion Island, believed to be from the lost Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, is being flown to France. Once there, testing will begin to determine if the wing part came from MH370
"Our goal, along with the entire global aviation industry, continues to be not only to find the airplane, but also to determine what happened - and why," Boeing says
There are signs the new Taliban leader, Mullah Mansour, is open to peace talks with the Afghan government, but questions remain
Israeli prime minister is calling the incident a "terror attack" after a young child was killed and at least three people critically injured
Witness says executive jet "nosedived into the cars and exploded on impact," engulfing the plane and several vehicles in flames
Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer killed a protected lion while on a guided hunt in Zimbabwe; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service asked him to contact them
Speculation about the fate of MH370 has been reignited after debris from a Boeing 777 was found on an island in the Indian Ocean
PM David Cameron offers sniffer dogs and fencing to prevent thousands from entering Britain illegally from France