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  • Shelley

    Hate the new website!! I love your station and always checked your site for news and weather because it was simple and clean,easy to navigate. new site way too cluttered

    • Sandy

      I hate it too. The old one was far more user friendly.

    • Janet

      I totally agree this new web site stinks. I will have to go to WBAL’s web site from now on. Your old site was the only one I went to it was great everything was easy to find. THis one is horrible.

      • AL

        Same here I hate your web site. A 12 yr old boy could do better..Much better.

        Please fix..Please

    • Jim

      All I can say about this is BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do away with all the adds. and garbage. Looks like some computer geek is trying to impress someone.

    • Karen Carey

      Ditto!!!! I don’t even check the website as much as I used to (several times a day) or use it in my teaching lessons as a special education teacher. The website was perfect for my special education students to learn news and info about the area in which they live and use it for consumer skills(to just name one application). I am 45 years old, born in Sussex County Delaware and moved to the big city after college. In my family, WJZ is family. We still watch the broadcast, particularly the older members of my extended family. But with my own family, busy and on the go, the prior WJZ website was my connection to WJZ and the excellent news coverage it provides when I missed the early evening broadcast and just couldn’t keep my eyes open for the 11:00 newscast. The prior website even allowed you easy access to the Baltimore Sun. Now, I just have to hope if I don’t get to see a WJZ newscast, the story or info will be big enough to make the newspaper. I cannot say it loud enough and in my students’ venacular – THE CURRENT WJZ WEBSITE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ron

      ditto. I rarely go to the website anymore.

    • c. younger

      I hate the website too. Whoever changed it should be fired! I would use this site all the time and now I never use it. The only reason I came on today is to finally complain about how much I HATE IT! WBAL here I come.

    • Bobbi Jean Mattson

      i thought I was on the wrong site.. not user friendly at all

      • Karen

        Agree. This was my favorite news website but hate it now! I thought maybe I would give it time to grow on me but I only find it more irritating each time I return to check it out again. I really do find the comments people leave annoying because most of time people are ranting about racist issues or about how bad Baltimore City is and these comments usually have absolutely nothing to do with the news story. Why is WJZ giving these people a forum to view such racist negative remarks? I agree with freedom of speech but it is certainly not news worthy.
        I will continue to watch WJZ TV news (when I get home in time to do so) but unfortunately will not be visitng the site on a daily basis anymore.

    • christina flowers

      I have watched your news site for all my life i believe and i am 40yrs old now and i am concerned bcuz now i reach out to news for importand stories about important city concerning topics and events going on in people honor and i have no feed back but someone who do cupcakes can make it on your show help me understand who decerns what is important news for baltimore city?

    • Jonathan

      For several I used to come to WJZ-News Site every evening, now I come every 6 to 8 weeks, why? Because YOU HAVE RUINED A GOOD THING!!” The old saying is….”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! You have tried fixing something that wasn’t broke!! I too hate this new website! I don’t hate you, I have loved WJZ since way back since 1962, 49 years!! I do hate this design & navigation, plus it’s impersonal atmosphere you created & have apparently agreed upon with someone’s approval! It used to feel like it was Maryland, now it feels like a foreign land!!! I will be back in about another 6 to 8 weeks. Again, I hate what you have done to this site! I hope you hear, listen, then react to what made you Maryland’s Own Original WJZ TV-13!! Thank you for reading me feelings. I truly hope hyou hear our voice?

  • John

    I dod not like the new web site. It is to hard to navigate. It looks like one big commercial. The talent bio page has been removed. Please return the web page back to a people friendly web site.

  • ljp

    This new website SUCKS! Its not easy to look at and not user friendly.

    • signman

      Yes you are so right and I am proud of you for doing what you did.How else would they know as we the people who watch WJZ also use the web site!

  • Darbie

    Why did someone find the need to fix something that wasn’t broken????
    This new site is TERRIBLE all the way around. PLEASE, go back to the
    original format and ‘leave it alone’!

  • Kelly

    The new website is horrible to navigate, I understand the need for updating but this is crazy. You’ve changed the content too much and where in the world is my water cooler??????????

    • philip ceraulo

      hi kelly this from ssa woodlawn ok phil

  • Debbie

    I DO NOT like this new website!!! Bring back the other – way easier and nicer to look at….this is just horrible!! Why would you change a good thing?

  • Stephen

    The minor league Orioles from 1903 thru 1953 had some of the best teams ever to take diamond. Check out and enjoy!. If you attended the games pass on website address!

  • Leah

    Terrible new website! Loved the old one where I could find things like water cooler, pets, etc. You’ve NOT improved it, you’ve made it unwelcoming.

  • Bettylu

    This new site is terrible. Local news and weather info is buried under ads and junk. Very hard to use–WJZ was always my first search for local news and weather but it will now be WBAL

  • Carla

    I have to chime in with the rest of the posters here. The new website is plain awful and completely cluttered. When ever there was a breaking news story or when there was a big weather event going on, I would go directly to WJZ first. I guess I’ll be heading over to WBAL or to The Weather Channel site from now on. This site is way too jumbled up to navigate. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it before.

    I have a suggestion. Make the “Poll of the Day” about this website. You’ll see.

    • c. younger

      good idea! POLL US!

  • Carla

    One more thing! I cannot find where I can send an email directly to Don & Marty! Looks like the domain name has changed. This site truly is disappointing.

    I can’t find the nifty profile pages for the individual broadcasters anymore. It seems as if the site is all corporate now and has completely lost the local touch of Baltimore. So sad.

    • Darlene B Simering

      I have been trying to do the same thing, and cannot find where I send a e-mail..


    This is really awful. Please scrap the new web-site and bring back the other one.


  • pigeon

    Absolutely horrible changes! Do not like it even a little bit. Guess I’ll go to another “station”

  • Leslie

    The new web site is absolutely awful !!!!!!! Bring back the old one. Noting was wrong with that one.

  • Jennifer

    I was shocked to see the new website….it is HORRIBLE. It is NOT user friendly. I would check WJZ website quite a few times a day and now I will be checking other stations websites from now on…..

  • G

    The question is will anyone listen to the complaints of this awful site?? Doubtful. One of the worst websites I have ever seen. here I come Channel 11

  • angela

    Terrible horrible cluttered !! wonder how much research was put into this new web site? Good luck with ratings and getting folks to actually click on any of those ads/banners that now litter the web site.

    Get a new marketing team and some one who knows how to do research and get this trash site fixed back to the one that was not broken. I understand things need to change from time to time but really… where was the persons thoughts that came up with this new idea.
    Bye WJZ I will be looking to another web site for my news and weather starting today

  • greg

    hey CBS WJZ what is going on ?? Your new web site is terriable switch it back

  • stationnorth

    The new website is horrible. I switched from WBALTV’s website to WJZ and now it looks like I will have to find another home page. Goodbye.

  • Mike Mayne Sr

    Alpena Michigan State Police is missing A K-9 named Bane since Nov.14th it is possible someone passing thru could have picked him up and do not know hopefully you can pass this info on

  • Robin

    I DO NOT LIKE THIS NEW FORMAT! Lost me for sure this time!

    • Mike

      Agreed – it is terrible!! I guess I’ll swithc to wbal!!

  • K.

    This new format is the pits I’ll have to get my news elsewhere.

  • kathy

    where is it’s academic?

    Seems to have lost some of the local connection.

    Don’t like the new format

  • Sharon M


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