BALTIMORE (WJZ) ― Police believe they’ve broken up another dog fighting ring in the city.

Weijia Jiang has more.

Unfortunately not all of the dogs survived, but the ones that did are being taken care of at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter in Southwest Baltimore. Police say all their injuries point to dog fighting.

Debby Rahl can’t believe 5-year-old pit bull Charlie is alive.

“He’s got bite wounds all over his face, on his legs, on the side of his belly,” Rahl said. “He’s missing teeth. His teeth look like they were filed down or broken off.”

Rahl is a manager at the BARCS animal shelter where Charlie and five other pit bulls were taken late Wednesday night. A police report indicates that investigators found the animals in a vacant rowhome on the 1600-block of Payson Street. They were responding to a call that claimed a dog fight was in progress.

“That’s gruesome,” said Volante Preston. “That’s really horrible that people would stoop to that level.”

Police say feces and urine were scattered throughout the house. They found the dogs in crates or tied up without food or water. Most of them were covered in scars. A seventh dog was found dead inside a garbage bag. His body was badly abused.

The officer who responded to the scene and wrote the police report believes the dog fighting took place in a bedroom on the third floor. Inside the home, the officer found a large amount of blood on the walls, the bed and the floors.

“You could just hear them barking,” said Jenee Smith. “It’s a real bad odor coming from that house. When you walk up close to it, you can smell it.”

“We’re hoping that in cases like this, they bring charges and they show that this is wrong and the people are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Rahl said.

Rahl said she is certain that Charlie was used for fighting and two other puppies were in training. She urges anyone who suspects other cases to report them.

Police have suspects of interest, but have not made any arrests in this developing investigation.

The dogs will be held at BARCS throughout the investigation. After that, the staff hopes someone will adopt them.

To adopt a pet, call BARCS at 410-396-4695.

Comments (4)
  1. Andy Cook says:

    If the BCPD and the State’s Attorney can’t deal with this problem of animal abuse–maybe we should have ALF take care of it.

  2. Angel1 says:

    Animal abuse in Baltimore is out of Control. Baltimore needs to get it together, as a matter of fact Maryland needs to get it together. I’m sorry Maryland is one of the sorry places to live. We need to upgrade our Legal System and for all those that do not obey the laws. It’s time to take your foolish bad behavior out all the way out. Maryland stop playing around with people lives and step up your game!!!

  3. Bullfrog says:

    If Maryland would simply outlaw pit bull dogs or permit ownership only with special permits and a background check of the owner. Also all pit bull dogs must  be spayed or neutered absolutely no exceptions!  This problem is so far out of control  that some drastic action needs to be taken. Twenty years ago this problem never existed. We need to stop the suffering of these poor animals, since 2 legged parasites get their rocks off doing this to god’s creatures it is up to us to intervene.

  4. nic says:

    The people who put these fights on are animals themselves,,
    they show Balimore at it’s worse,,
    let’s put them in a rink and see what happens

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