BALTIMORE (WJZ)–As thousands of children await new families through adoption, the wait ended for dozens of children.  As Gigi Barnett explains it’s National Adoption Day.

With a new name comes a new family. For these families and thousands nationwide, Saturday is National Adoption Day.

“Some of these children you’ll talk to and they’ll say, I’m getting adopted today and they are in their Sunday best and they are so excited,” said Erika Slater, Chair of Baltimore’s adoption day.

Parents are too.

Debbie and Joshua Miller adopted Lillian a couple of years ago from China.  Now, after a year-and-a-half wait, it’s Jake’s turn.

“We felt like he was our son, certainly when he came home, but there’s always that concern that he wasn’t legally ours,” Debbie Miller said.

With a judge’s nod, each adoption becomes official for all children, no matter the age.

Crystal Floyd adopted her 17-year-old cousin Hyisha Sye just before Hyisha heads off to college next year.

“I feel as though this is a great thing because I didn’t think I would ever get adopted.  I thought I would always be in legal guardianship,” Sye said.

National Adoption Day is always on or near the Saturday just before Thanksgiving.  Saturday, about 35 children in Baltimore received new families.

Baltimore and Prince George’s counties also hosted their adoption ceremonies Saturday.


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