MIAMI (AP) — The mother of a Florida child who was kicked out of his kindergarten class after the teacher held a vote among fellow students about his disruptive behavior has reached a $350,000 settlement with St. Lucie County education officials.

Federal court documents show the county school board and teachers union agreed to pay the settlement to Melissa Barton and her son, Alex.

The Stuart News reported Wednesday that the settlement was reached on Nov. 24 in Miami. A review by a third party designated to consider the best interests of the child is required before the agreement can be finalized in court.

Barton and education officials declined to comment. Barton said that in 2008, her son was forced to stand in front of his peers and be told why ‘they hated him.’

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Comments (3)
  1. mark says:

    Now we know what is wrong with our school systems, teachers are forced to deal with out of control children without being able to take any disiplinary actions. Then the parents of these problem kids are rewarded for their lack of parenting skills

    1. MOM*TO*2 says:

      No child should have been put through that , u must not have any children of your own or must have never been a 5year old boy either all kids do this in class that at sometimes are not right but what happend to going to see the principal do not judge someones parenting skills every one makes mistakes in life and if you dont then maybe you should chage your name to ST MARK

  2. TVGigi says:

    I totally agree with Mark. It’s the mother who should owe the state money for infringing on the rights of other kids to learn. This makes my blood boil.

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