BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For the second time in a matter of 12 hours, a five-alarm fire broke out in Baltimore City.

Baltimore’s Historic Mt. Vernon area became a major fire ground just after 1:30 Tuesday morning.

Adam May reports the Park Plaza building at 800 North Charles was already burning fast when the first fire units arrived.

“The flames were just shooting, it was something out of a movie,” said Michael.

“A fire continued to grow and the intensity ordered an evacuation due to the fact the fire burned through the roof,” said Chief Kevin Cartwright, Baltimore City Fire.

It was the building’s top floors that became the focus of the attack. Fortunately, no one was inside. The four upper floors are offices and non-profits. On the street level there are four restaurants, including the Helmund and Donna’s.

Joey Olsen lives across the street and works at Donna’s.

“Well, from my bedroom I can actually see roof of the building. From my bedroom and I could see the flames up there, so I decided to come down and check out the front of the building, since I had just left it a few hours earlier,” said Olsen.

Despite, the efforts of 150-firefighters, the building continued to burn for hours.

The wind didn’t help the situation.

“And we still have the heavy wind conditions, which fuel the fire, and it has presented a bit of a challenge. The one good thing is our firefighters are built tough. So they are up to the challenge and we are expected to be here for a couple more hours,” said Cartwright.

“It is dangerous and look at all the water coming down,” said Deborah.

Thousands of gallons of water, ruining the inside of the building, didn’t do much for the items that did not burn.

It’s hard to imagine two five-alarm fires coming so close together.

The cold conditions have made for some slippery streets.

One firefighter did hurt his knee battling the blaze and another was taken to the hospital for chest pains.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Comments (11)
  1. AmericanJoe says:

    Two major fires in one 12 hour period. I feel sorry for the firefighters. Way to cold to be fighting a fire let alone two major jobs in one day.

  2. David Demski says:

    I will pray to Lord for speedy recover of the firefighters who got hurt. I pray also people who lose everything to. I work in state building downtown I could smell smoke inside where I work at.

  3. Judy says:

    I like how the guy towards the end of the video says “A lot of girls will be out of a job”. I’m sure he’s not worried about their “job”, but the fact they can’t strip for him anymore. Pig.

  4. pigeon says:

    Something is wrong – my gut feelings – do we have an arsonist among us?

  5. john says:

    What can we say about our FIRE FIGHTERS great job god speed to the 2 that was taken to a hospital. Now we havw the Strip burning down and the Gay Community burning is there someone out there that does not like these 2 things. Your not God he will deal with it in his way if someone did this I am sure our Great Police Department along with the Fire Department will find you out.

  6. Phil Guercio says:

    I hope the residents of Baltimore, and more importantly the politicians realize how the closure of fire companies impacts fire protection in Baltimore every day, but its particularrly noticable in these multi-alarm situations. Sure there is mutual aid, but mutual aid is suppose to be just that, mutual. Most often the counties are coming into the city, partly due to the number of fire company closures. how long will the counties continue to support this “one way” mutual aid? Again, tremendous job for the personnel staffing the apparatus throughout Baltimore City Fire Department!

  7. A Concerned Marylander says:

    Pigeon and John, this story was alarming and tragic enough as it was. Please keep your fear-mongering to yourselves, the last thing is you need Baltimore being scared of the boogeyman.

  8. ealise easton says:

    this is all too unreal…the same alarm fire in a 12 hour period? i dont think this is a couinsodence…my dad is a firefighter and this event has me very, very worried…why cant they have someone looking into this? i feel so bad for the people who have lost theyre jobs and homes but this does not seem right!!!

  9. Jef says:

    Five alarm fires get the attention, but row house fires are much worse; and they’re the fires that are fought everyday in Baltimore. Yet the politicians come out give some kudos for press attention; while they strip benefits and pay from those that sacrifice body and limb every day.
    Want to know what’s wrong with Baltimore; look no further than City Hall.

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