O’s Outfielder Luke Scott Questions Obama’s Birthplace

(WJZ) Baltimore Orioles outfielder Luke Scott wasn’t only talking baseball at the winter meetings on Tuesday. He questioned President Barack Obama’s birthplace and claimed he did not represent the United States.

“Obama does not represent America. Nor does he represent anything what our forefathers stood for,” Scott said in an interview with David Brown of Yahoo’s Big League Stew.

The 32-year-old went on to say Obama has no legal documentation.

“He was not born here. That’s my belief. I was born here,” Scott said. “If someone accuses me of not being born here, I can go — within 10 minutes — to my filing cabinet and I can pick up my real birth certificate and I can go, ‘See? Look! Here it is. Here it is.’ The man has dodged everything. He dodges questions, he doesn’t answer anything. And why? Because he’s hiding something.”

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  • Isaiah Cheeks

    It’s alright BUBBLEHEAD, I question your ABILITY and EFFECTIVENESS as a player after a LOSING season MLB season

    • Arthur King

      Um, Luke, don’t give up your night job. On second thought, maybe you should sell bull manure. You certainly shovel enough of it.

  • Clayton

    I agree with Luke Scott. More people who are Christians need to speak up for Him and for themselves. If the president doesnt like it, he can go celebrate Ramadan in Turkey where he said that America is not a Christian nation. He also had a cross covered up before a speech in D.C. You didnt hear these opinions from him before the election though did you? Oh no, he was a Christian who goes to church every Sunday. The man is a liar who doesnt represent what our country was founded on and stands for.

    • Mark

      Racism is apparently still thriving on the Baltimore Orioles!!!

      • JV

        how are his comments racist?

      • BobG

        Racism? Am I missing something? Or are you seeing something that isn’t there?

      • RicoC

        Not one thing about his comments were ‘racist’. Let me guess, Al Sharpton’s your hero?

      • Zebra

        hes AKA as the magic negro

      • Bocephus

        Any white person that says something negative about Obama is automatically a Racist ?

      • Robert

        Bocephus, your comment IS RACIST.

      • RufusVonDufus


      • Criag

        Where is there racism in his comments idiot?

      • mike

        Race baiting is still apparently thriving on the liberal left!

      • diane

        How did racism come into the discussion? And you shouldn’t shoot the messenger: putting aside the birth certificate issue, has President Obama produced a report card? College grades? College thesis? ACT, SAT or LSAT score? A single article from the law school review? Biden provided all of that. Ted Kennedy did. Bush(s). Clinton(s). Pelosi. Rangel. These are records that virtually anyone else in public office made available from the get-go. “because theman is hiding something” is right.

      • BarrySimmino

        You’re an idiot, he was editor of the Harvard Law Review & do you hoenstly thinkg our US SUpreme court chock full o’rigth wing conservatives would not bight on this if there was any meat, no meet, just bull sheeet….non-issue & he likely will be gone in 2012, & what does this guy know, he plays for the O’s the worst team in baseball!!

      • moi

        You better check on who makes up the Supreme Court. They are not all right wingers. You are brain dead and make decisions based on sweeping assumptions and by looking at people. You also think winning percentage has something to do with the verity of what you speak? Care to elaborate on that one?

      • P twitter

        And you’d think as editor of the Harvard law review we could find some articles written by him. Hmmmm!

      • TxnByBrth

        They’re all part of the same game…in the same league, of which we (the common person) will never be invited. The short answer is yes…and the fact he was editor of the Harvard Law Review makes it even more likely he wasn’t born where he says he was…

      • Darryl W Douglass

        Mark, are you that stupid to understand what the term racism is? When you get a solid reasonable way to debate what Mr Scott is stating, come back, but for now, you have shown how dumb you are.

      • LisaLee

        Please explain to me how his comments are racist…be specific please.

      • don

        Yes, please explain…. You can’t because your ignorance is in the way of your brain.

    • AWP

      More people who are Christian need to look at things objectively without hatred in their heart.

      • Chris Harrelson

        And what Christians exactly have this “hatred in their heart”? I thought Christians were the people who donate part of their income to their church, give of their time, money & sweat to help those in need (both at home and abroad), promote that we are not separated by our skin or ability but are all children of God, believe in treating others as you would like to be treated…Apparently I’ve been missing something.

  • jean

    Luke Scott and those like him are idiots!

    • Al

      You must be an Obama lover

    • Krissy

      Jean- You must be an Obama fan.

    • Lupus

      And people like you and Obama are treasonous, socialist pigs.

    • Darryl W Douglass

      Because Mr. Scott request proof of birth, he is a racist, an idiot, and has hate in is heart… what a bunch of buffoons you are.

  • jt

    He’s right. Nobody has ever seen Obama’s actual birth certificate, which is signed by parents and attending physicians. What they produced, the “certification of live birth,” anyone could get by just stating they were born there.

    • AWP

      I do not have my original signed birth certificate either. But I was born in MD.

      • Jon

        AWP- you’re a moron. You can get one from the GOVT of MD.

      • michael sampson


      • janeA

        you need only to contact the Bureau of Records in the State in which you were born to request a Notarized copy of your birth certificate. It will be accepted as an “original” and will cost about $4.

  • Moderate Vet

    Birthers, get a life! I would like each and every one of you to immediately provide your original SIGNED birth certificate. Otherwise you are NOT American and need to leave now!
    Most of us do not have our original signed birth certificate. We have the one issued by our city of birth, which is not signed. So get over 2008! And admit what is really bothering you – you don’t like a black man being President.

    • sh

      Most of us are not the President of America

    • mik3


    • Cribster

      Why is race the first thing that comes to your mind? Who’s the racist?

    • BobG.

      What does wanting to see a Birth Certificate have to with Obama’s being black? And why is he spending millions to avoid having to show it? These are reasonable questions for any president to answer, whether he or she is black, white, or green.

    • Lupus

      Can you pathetic libs please come up with a new line? Why don’t you racists stop obsessing on the fact that the guy is black, and admit that there are dozens of reasons to not like him, long before you ever get to his skin color.

      Every time you try to criticize the president for doing a poor job, the libs have to come in and cry racism. If he was purple, he’d still suck as president, so the whole black thing is old. Pathetic libs.

    • jeff

      Black has nothing to do with it. My mother is married to a black man and we love him as a man not a black man. Facts are, Obama and his legal team have spent well over 1 million dollars keeping his background information hidden. Now why would someone do this? Waste money to hide school records and the original birth certificate? There are ways to show the original copy vs what he has done up until this point. Do I know he was not born in USA…no I do not. But common sense tells me if you have nothing to hide..and you are being accused of something wrong, you would not attempt to hide the facts in the matter.

  • Batl21212

    He’s entitled to his opinions. I’m entitled to think he’s a moron.

  • Cranston Snord

    Luke. Luke, Luke! I love you as an Oriole, but keep your mouth shut. You have a right to your opinions, but sharing them can be disruptive.

  • Mark

    No one said being a baseball player made you smart.
    Obama was born in the U.S. Even if he wasn’t (which isn’t true), his mother is a U.S. Citizen so Obama would be a U.S. Citizen by birth no matter where he was born. Learn the law and get your facts straight, idiots.
    Try out snopes. It’s a website that debunks all types of rumors, including stupid ones like this.

    • lee

      Mark, just because your mother is an American, does not make you an American if you are born on foreign soil. There are exceptions, armed forces, visiting a foreign country and born in an American Embassy.
      I suggest you learn the law

      • John Marshall

        Dummy, when a US Citizen has a child overseas, it is a US Citizen, what are they gopng to deport me if I was born in New Zealand & my mom was born in Philadelphia, PA, US of A???? Anyway he has produced his birth ammouncment, & Hawai certicate of live birth (duuuhh his BIRTH CERTIFICATE)_ did he fly in a SR71 to HI the next morning…this is going nowhere, like them O’s…he has enough real issue that to even bring this up shows you to be a fool or Tea Bag licker, tea bagging is more then a political belief, its your orintation…like balllz on the cheek…

    • James

      Um Mark, the constitution says you have to be born in the us to be president

    • Chris

      Regardless of whether Luke Scott is correct or not, you are the one who needs to wise up. Read the Constitution. To be President, you must not only be a citizen, but be a natural citizen (which means born in the United States). You telling people to learn the law… what a joke.

      • Chris

        Looks like some other people beat me to it. That’s encouraging.

    • Chris Harrelson

      Actually, Mark, at the time of Obama’s birth his mother was not yet of age to confer full citizenship status upon Barack Jr. Barack Sr. was a Kenyan national, which meant that he was a subject of Britain. Barack Sr. held British citizenship, and as such, Barack Jr. held dual citizenship at birth. And this is exactly what prompted the framers to add the “natural born” clause to the Constitution; they wanted to prevent someone rising to the presidency who held dual citizenship and possible allegiances to other nations.

    • michael sampson

      Snopes is biased and you are wrong. His citizenship if born outside the U.S has to
      conform to the law According to the U.S. Dept. of State
      For persons born between December 24, 1952 and November 14, 1986, a person is a U.S. citizen if all of the following are true
      One of the person’s parents was a U.S. citizen when the person in question was born
      The citizen parent lived at least ten years in the United States before the child’s birth;
      A minimum of 5 of these 10 years in the United States were after the citizen parent’s 14th birthday.
      So she cannot transfer citizenship automatically if he was born abroad as she was 18 when Obama was born. So it leaves only the option of him being born on american soil . The so called birth certificate is not. It is a certification of live birth
      which does not prove he was born in Hawaii. It can easily be obtained by going to the Dept. of Health in Hawaii by just saying he was born in Hawaii. More
      eye opening info atwww.wnd.com

  • Tom

    Read the entire interveiw and you will learn Luke Scott has more brains than any of you that has commented negatively about one part of the interveiw. That is my challenge to you ‘know it all’ liberals.

  • Free2speak2

    Concentrate on winning & stop worrying about where the president was born.

    • Tom

      and you have the heart to call yourself free2speak???

      • jon

        hahaha. Tom- AGREED.

  • Free2speak2

    BTW, I don’t think you will be getting a invite to the Whitehouse to have a beer with your PRESIDENT OBAMA.

  • Pat

    I don’t know why people even care what Luke thinks

  • Jay

    Everytime you useless liberals hear a comment about your king, you say people are being racist. He has no idea what he is doing and he is so full of bull, he has a hard time remembering what he lies he tells. If he worried what was good for the country, and not what was good for his personal gain, we would all be better off. Oh, and I am black in case you were wondering.

    • Robb111

      The truth is the truth. If it smells like a duck, a trailor park duck, and look like a trailor park duck, and sound like a trailor park duck then it is a trailor park duck.

  • Mona

    What an blowhard. Shut up and play baseball.

    • Chris Harrelson

      Why don’t you shut up and go do whatever it is you do. Or if you need something to do I could give you a few ideas…

  • Joe

    Luke Scott is now my favorite MLB player. Oh, it is his opinion people. Cut your liberal BS and let him say what he has to say. The fact is that almost everyone questions Obama’s birth place. No one knows for sure. If someone asked about my birth the hospital and doctor and nurses would all say I was born there. A little amazing that with so much attention none of that has happened. But it is because he was born in some house, some where, and maybe in the US.

    • Robb111

      All you trailor park hicks keep saying the same thing. I see you all are dumber than I thought.

  • yourpalsteve

    This man is brave. Sports is a huge bastion of liberalism. Listen to talk radio talk bad on anything conservative or republican. This man is my new hero. And – I am dittoing everything he said!


    Luke Scott is my MVP!!

  • Rick

    So baseball players who have political opinions are idiots, but actors with opinions are brilliant. Right. Got it.

  • Chet

    One can oppose the policies of Obama without resorting to such “birther” nonsense. On the other hand, accusing Luke Scott of racism because he doesn’t believe Obama is a citizen is scurrilous and shameful.

  • jakartaman

    Why is it the first thing out of anyone saying something negative about our 1st black president is racist?
    I am no birther but you could ask why he has not put this basic question to rest?

    • dmzrn

      Because if he does he’s toast.

    • Veteranof20years

      Who said anything about race? You

    • zoroastrian beastmaster

      Gee do you think so? WOW you ARE inquistive AND thoughtful!

    • nightwriter

      Why is it you have to interpret anything questioning this communist as racist. A communist is a communist and that’s why we hate him. If he loved this country and it’s people then we would be a lot more tolerant, but he’s shown over and over that not only does he hate the USA, he hates us to. We are just hating him back… He could be green and I would feel the same way!!!

    • Buck Akie

      I say we send Obama some poop from http://www.PACKAGEOFPOOP.com!


    U$A: THIRD WORLD RISING – http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

  • Doug

    I hating arseholes now considered racist? Bringing in race to the picture is a last ditch attempt by the ignorant, to get the last word in. People don’t hate him because of the color of his skin, they hate him for what he’s doing to the country.

    • Doug

      Furthermore, it’s not a question of his birthplace, it’s does he have dual citizenship, did he renounce his citizenship to attend school in indonesia, why was his SS# issued in connecticut and not Hawaii? Natural born citizen mean both parents are also citizens, which they are not, and why did he spend 2 million dollars to seal his records. People with nothing to hid just don’t do that.

  • Eric

    Too funny. All the liberals on here have no proof of his birthplace, and yet, they continue to drone on like the good little dummy liberals that they are…..

  • Pab-0

    Actually, you are wrong. For example, I have a good friend whose mother is a US citizen, and he was born in a German hospital as the military physician was unavailable. He is, in fact, not allowed to run for president.

    Regardless of your mother’s citizenship, you must be born on US soil.

    • Ron Reale

      John McCain was born in Panama.

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