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GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ) — A local store clerk was gunned down during a robbery.  It happened at a 7-Eleven in Glen Burnie.  now there’s a fight brewing over that store’s hours.  Kai Jackson explains county leaders are lobbying 7-Eleven to allow the change.

In an unusual move, the county executive is speaking up for the store manager, asking that the hours be curbed in the name of public safety.

Yusef Attia, a 48-year-old clerk, was shot and killed inside a 7-Eleven during a robbery in the early hours of August 9, 2010.  A surveillance camera captured images of the suspects who police are trying to find.

“At a certain point the store clerk looks like he was trying to flee.  That’s when he was shot by one of the suspects,” said Anne Arundel County police Sgt. Shawn Urbas.

A petition is circulating with the store manager’s support that would close the store from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m.  Now, in an unusual move, the Anne Arundel County executive is getting involved, joining the push to curb the store’s hours.

“The Chief of Police, Chief Tere and I, have sent a letter saying, `Please consider the request of this particular store manager,'” said John Leopold.

Other crimes in the area is apparently another factor in the move to change this store’s hours.

“Normally we stay out of corporate decisions but this particular case–this brutal murder–alarmed this community,” Leopold said.

7-Eleven has increased the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Attia’s death to $30,000.

Comments (11)
  1. attomic says:

    How about the police patrol the 7-11.

  2. yeahokrightwhatever says:

    They sell donuts for christ’s sake. That place should be crawling with cops!

  3. john says:

    why dont they just catch the people who did it and put them in jail… closing the store early wont do anything

  4. Bobbie says:

    why is the answer to everything for a liberal govt is to changce tdo accommodate tdhe criminals. Do tdhey think people only shootd people after 10? Crooks are out there all the time. Why is it the public that pays. Do something about the crime. It would help if Parents would parent and teach their kids that killing is wroncg and being home at 8 and in bed for school is the right thing…It stays witdh a child into adulthood. We have kids going wild and no discipline, and that staxys with then.

  5. KottaMan says:

    Something went tragically wrong in the store for sure. As a prior Loss Prevention Manager for the old Southland Corporation (which in name went away and was replaced by “7-Eleven, Inc.” in 1999) we always worked with store managers, franchisees, and employees to train them in responding to such incidents. The bottom was was: no weapons, no resistance or sudden moves, having less than $30.00 after dark in the registers, and giving up the money. It appears that the clerk tragically attempted to flee and was shot in response to that action. While that does not excuse the suspects’ actions, it does warrant some thought. Closing this, or any store, “early” is a knee-jerk reaction. There are other factors (site-related and operations-related) about this, or any business’s, particular site that should be examined long before a store is requested or ordered to be closed.

  6. Mark says:

    Hell, why don’t we just have 7-11 do business from 9-5??? How stupid to close at 10pm! I don’t expect police to be omnipotent but I don’t expect their advice to be that convenient stores stop having convenient hours!

  7. Diana Wilson says:

    What, exactly, does someone have to purchase at 2 am that could not be gotten at a store in a safer location? I think this particular store manager’s judgment should be respected.

  8. East Coast says:

    Diana, there are some people who work other shifts who come to rely on certain businesses. Should all gas stations then be closed after 10 PM too? How about late night pharmacies? Placating to criminals is ridiculous. I can just hear them howling over the fact that they will have to start putting a cap in people at 9:45 PM now.

  9. bettyjane says:

    I would think the store manager knows how much business he does during 10pm and 6am and suspect the sales volume is very low. He wouldn’t be pushing for this if his sales were higher. This is not the first incident with this location and it’s been robbed quite a few times.

  10. waheid says:

    The fact is that 7-11 hires people who are desperate for work and then they pay them minimum wages. I once had a discussion with the risk manager for a petroleum company that operated a number of all-night gas stations. He readily acknowledged that (1) most of the crimes involving these locations were after 10:00 p.m., (2) most injuries to employees occurred as a consequence of those crimes, but (3) that’s when they made the most profit. Bottom line: the company needed the profits, screw the employees.

  11. BaltimoreAl says:

    That always seems to be the answer. Penalize the honest folks andgive the criminals a free ride. When will the judges start locking criminals up an throwing away the key?

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