Orioles at Winter Meetings

The Baltimore Orioles definitely didn’t get their top targets this offseason, but they are better now then they were when the season ended,  Therefore, Ill give them a C- for the winter meetings.  Andy MacPhail and Buck Showalter have a tough job in front of them.  Adding Mark Reynolds and JJ Hardy to the infield and resigning Koji Uehara are all decent moves.  Reality is they need to do more.  If they can get Kevin Gregg to close and Adam LaRoche to play 1B, I will be even happier.  They aren’t the moves the Yankees and Red Sox are making but its better than Garrett Adkins.

Tough Week For The Ravens

Not a great week for the Baltimore Ravens and Ravens fans. It started with the 13-10 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night.  A game that quite frankly the Ravens gave away.  It continued on Tuesday night when on his radio show, coach John Harbaugh responding to a critical caller, said that fans should be proud of this team and if not, should root for someone else (I’m paraphrasing).  Later in the week OC Cam Cameron did admit that the offense needs work but that everyone is going to do what it takes to fix it.  He said Sunday night was a blow but not a fatal blow.  The week ended with police searching rookie WR David Reed’s house for possible narcotics.  Things can and hopefully will get better this week.


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