Mark Viviano and Bulldog on the Ravens Offense & Defense, tackle a number of NFL subjects and take your calls.

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  1. tony c says:

    And this is the day PSL owners have to pay for playoff tix…for the privilege of the team holding our money collecting interest for 6 months! Gonna have to weigh the odds today of us not having a home playoff game – same odds as Cam calling a pass play when run is needed – 100% – oh yea NOT gonna pay. If Harbs felt the wrong call, then he better start stepping up and putting an employee in his place or it will be his head.

  2. Sandy N. Fay says:

    I agree with tony c’s comment. Also, other teams quarter backs are protected

    in the pocket. Their quarter backs have all day to throw the ball. Bisciotti doesn’t care what the fans have to say! Well like I said when you start
    seeing more Steelers Jerseys at M&T Bank stadium then Ravens Jerseys.

    I hope Bisciotti cares then!

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