WASHINGTON (WJZ) — Another terrorist plot in our backyard foiled. This time, federal agents nabbed a man who was threatening to blow up the D.C. Metro system.

Kelly McPherson explains the government zeroed in on this suspect in a familiar way.

Facebook is once again the launching point for an FBI investigation. Awais Younis, 26, has been arrested for threatening to bomb the D.C. Metro after chatting via Facebook with his girlfriend under a different name.

On his Facebook postings, he said he would put pipe bombs in the third and fifth cars on the trains where more people would be so he’d have a deadlier impact. The complainant told the FBI that when she told Younis, “You wouldn’t do that,” he responded, “Watch me.”

Agents raided the Arlington, Va. home where he lived with his father.

“They couldn’t find anything from the home. They were six hours here,” said Mohammad Younis, the suspect’s father.

Younis has only been charged with threatening interstate communications, citing a note sent via Facebook to his girlfriend: “That is the problem with Americans–they can’t leave well enough alone until something happens, then they sit there, wondering why we dropped the Twin Towers like a bad habit hahaha. I’m telling you right now you are going to regret doing what you did. For your peace I hope what I am hearing is all lies.”

Less than a week ago, agents arrested Antonio Marquez for attempting to blow up a military recruitment center in Catonsville. He, too, had been turned into the FBI after someone saw extreme Islamic posts on Facebook.

“I think it’s always going to be a target, unfortunately, so they need to keep the security up,” said one commuter.

“It’s great that they caught him, so obviously somebody’s doing their job behind the scenes,” said another.

He also said he would place bombs in manholes in Georgetown to kill more people.

Younis has only been charged with threatening communication, not any act of terrorism.

A judge has ordered that Younis have a mental health evaluation before his next court appearance.

  1. RevSharpteee says:

    Islam has been at war with the non-islamic world for 1400 years
    islam has been conquering, murdering, and suppressing for 1400 years
    Islam teaches dishonesty, violence, murder, and sedition.
    Islam is NOT a religion.
    Islam is a SEDITIOUS IDEOLOGY !!

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