There are new horrifying details about the experience of a middle school boy attacked by a stranger in the bathroom of his Dundalk school.

Suzanne Collins spoke to police who say the suspect entered the school with the intent of a sexual assault.

The suspect told police that he selected the child based on appearance. That child was very courageous because he struggled and fought to get out of the man’s grasp. His assailant was later arrested.

Sean Schleigh, 21, is the man police say snuck into Holabird Middle School on Thursday morning, in hopes of having sex with a child.

Court papers revealed the details of the plot Friday. The content is likely to terrify any parent or child.

The suspect was first seen by a school police officer at around 7:30 a.m. Thursday outside of the school. The officer thought the suspect was a student.

Inside, Schleigh told a teacher he was at the school to see his little brother. She sent him to the office.

But instead, Schleigh later confessed to police that he stayed in the boy’s bathroom for almost an hour. There, he watched children come and go until he could select his prey.

“He was looking specifically for a small, blond-haired child,” said Lt. Rob McCullough, Baltimore County Police spokesperson.

The 12-year-old victim said Schleigh punched him, grabbed him around his arms and began to pull him into the bathroom stall while stuffing a blue sock into his mouth.

Parents are frantic about how anyone with evil intent could easily get into the school building, endangering their children.

“I think we need more security for the kids,” said Ieina Trivera, parent. “My son is in there. I don’t know, what can I say? I’m getting more in shock right now.”

New rules are in place at Holabird Middle School: more questions will be asked to people at the door, strangers seen inside will be escorted to the office.

“One of the issues I’ve noticed, the office is all the way down at the end, so you have to go through these doors [front doors] and go basically all the way down the hall to get to the main office,” said Cindy Mauler, parent.

Schleigh’s address in court records is a golf course residence in Havre de Grace. But he used to live in Dundalk, and police believe he’s been living there again near where the attack occurred.

Schleigh does not have any sex offender arrests since he turned 18 in Maryland. But he has been arrested for marijuana, for trespassing and recently for theft.

In a bail review on Friday, the judge refused to reduce the suspect’s million dollar bail.

The 12-year-old victim said he fought back because he thought about his mother and sister. He also said that he is afraid to ever go in the bathroom again.

Comments (14)
  1. Antoinette Esposito says:

    what a sicko!!!

  2. Dawn Riddell says:

    The faculty member and the officer should also be held accountable for not escorting him to the office.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    If police investigated a little more thorough…they would know he may currently reside in Havre de Grace…but he grew up around here!…Rocket science…wow!!!

  4. tiffany says:

    there is a elemtary school in chase that doesnt allow anybody inside until they are buzzed in at the front door. they imediately have to go to the office once inside and show ID and why they are there, along with sign in. i went to this elem. school when i was little and i am 22 now, they just changed this new system at this school for years and years now. i think every school should be like this!!

  5. sony says:

    Perhaps parents could volunteer to escort visitors to the office?

    1. ALVIN says:


  6. runt says:


  7. Gracey says:

    Hang the pervet asap! Can’t rehab these sickos, they are good for nothing, I bet this isn’t his first victim either.

  8. NPC says:

    I hope after this everyone Thanks Dr. Maxwell for everything he has put in place for our Anne Arundel County Schools. To the parents stop complaining about showing your license. It is for your kids protection. We as staff and Aministration are just doing our jobs. Hats off to our down town staff. So when we ask for ID show it don’t argue it..

    1. Adrian says:

      i think that everyone should have to show id before entering a school and before taking a child out of the school.. i agree it is for the childs protection i would kill someone if they ever did something like this to my son… i am crying right now after reading this story, GOd bless this world because we are all gonna die… god bless this man he needs help… anytime that you need to hurt a innocent child to have your pleasure you should be put to death! A law needs to be passed to help protect our children from freaks like this

  9. Zach Ryan says:

    I go to this school it is like that i was standing at the front door with the guy and he was sitting there he looked like i student i watched him walk in and sit at breakfast he was a real sketchy character and if he were to come in after the 8:15 bell he would have been buzzed in but still probably would have been able to assault a child without a problem because of my schools poor Defenses against assault on students like myself

  10. Nick Ruddle says:

    he is a nasty person if that was me i wold do the same thing but rip his balls off

  11. Disgusted says:

    Funny how these sickos all hang together. I noticed on Facebook that a guy named R.J. Ladd was horrified at the news and was friends with the guy but was trying to distance himself … except when we were in our 20’s, R.J. Ladd was dating an underage guy. Birds of a feather flock together.

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