BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Three people are charged with running a dog fighting ring in Baltimore.

Police charged Aaron Mack, Jessica Deans and Melvin Fuller, pictured above from left to right, with 42 counts each of animal cruelty.

Police first uncovered the dog fighting ring last weekend during a drug arrest at the home on the 2300-block of Edgemont Avenue in Northwest Baltimore.

They found six injured pit bulls in the basement, along with a treadmill and heavy chains– tools to train them how to fight.

The dogs are being treated at BARCS animal shelter.

Comments (41)
  1. Lynn says:

    I swear, who breeds these so-called humans??
    We need MORE birth control; not less…MORE abortions; not less.
    The proof is in the pudding!!!

  2. Jamie Healy says:

    what do they think these are school pictures? wipe those smiles off jerks – you’re being charged with a serious crime

    1. Esperanza Lora says:

      Amen to that!!! I would have smacked that smile clean off her face. Does she think it’s funny to abuse animals? Get a laugh out of training your dogs to kill? How do we let people like this run around in the streets?

      1. christo67 says:

        Right! These too many of them…Get rid of them…

  3. stop the slaughter says:

    why are they smiling??? oh yeah they live in the city and know they’ll get away with this atrocity. Mayor Rawlings-Blake needs to speak out and up once and for all against animal cruelty in the City. I guess she doesn’t care. Balto. City is becoming known as slaughter city….

  4. AnimalLover says:

    I say hurt them like they hurt the dogs — hang them by their privates using the chains they used on the dogs – let them feel the pain they give to the dogs. These are the type of people that should be buried alive…..

  5. Jay says:

    These people should go to jail for a long time. If I was the judge and I find out that they had a total of 42 counts,………….. Trust me, somebody wouldn’t see day light for a long time

    1. pat says:

      OK, but look at Michael Vick, He served a LITTLE time and now he is getting paid millions to play foot ball. Even though I think all abusers should have to serve serious time. Why should they get more time then him? I think Vick needs to
      be put in his place, take all that money away from him and him serve that same amout of time as these people will have to. Laws should be equal no matter who you are.

  6. will says:

    Yo, D. Boss. Surprised that you didn’t say that it is accepted to fight dogs in the hood to “pay the bills?” when the drug sales are light, the reason for the raid to begin with. Heaven forbid that those people would harm others like women and children. Guess not ’cause you can always send them out on the street to “Pay the Bills”. You are the same Bozo i see on the street every day making excuses for the predators that bring down Bmore.

    1. will says:

      I see that the comment from D. Bos. has been taken of the blog. That works for me because there can be no justification for pleasure in violence.

  7. TJN says:

    Why are they smiling in the mug shots. ? Because they have no fear after all its baltimore they got arrested in.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Clearly disturbed and on drugs, especially the female! Her skin screams dope fiend. Pro-Activ is calling her name.


    I’m not saying that what they did was right but HUMANS act and treat their dogs(animals) as if they are HUMANS. People kill me when they say “oh my dog doesn’t bite” NEWSFLASH: if it has teeth it has the ability to bite you. HUMANS FIGHT EACH OTHER SO WHY SHOULDN’T DOGS SINCE THEIR HUMAN OWNERS TREAT THEM LIKE THEY ARE HUMANS! it just amazes me how a HUMAN can get off for fighting another HUMAN but if a HUMAN lets two dogs(aka the owners human) fight its considered cruelty..I don’t like dogs, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so here is mine!

    1. jg says:

      u sound extremely stupid! its a crime if humans fight each other, these animals are being made to fight against their own will…

    2. will says:

      WHATTTTTT????? Are you talking about????
      There is no justification for getting pleasure in violence. Dogs or Humans or goldfish!

    3. SAVE THE ANIMALS says:

      IDIOTS LIKE YOU PINGBACK ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM, LIKE TO BEAT YOU! they should put those three in a room and let them BEAT eachother. Poor excuses for a human

  10. T says:

    To “stpo the slaughter” – Mayor Rawlings-Blake DOES have a commission for this. Pay attention.

  11. Y U Wanna Know says:

    Not saying that dog fighting is right but it is not the worst thing in the world. Those who make it seem as if it is just sooooo outrageous need to go suck a ducks ass or you probably already do since you claim to love animals so much. There are ppl out here of all ethnicity’s that rape, beat, abuse, molest, neglect and even kill others starting from infants on up to senior citizens. Here’s a question why when you find out about some of the those things you’re quick to call the perp an animal & feel as though they deserve to die or be punished to the fullest extinct of the law and you’re calling them the very same thing you’re feeling so strong about?????? THINK ABOUT IT IDIOTS…..

    1. will says:

      I have to assume that all that have commented about their outrage are also the ones who also speak out on the injustices you are talking about. Are you saying just because it was only dogs and drugs you are surprised of the outrage. These are the same people who would comment on other crimes. You have to put the sociopaths away anyway you can, It was tax evasion that put Al Capone in jail, not crimes of violence. As far as the idiots comment, The man doth protest too much, methinks.

  12. independent says:

    Ghandi said you can judge a society by how it treates it’s animals. It’s a very ill community that would be cruel to something so vulnerable.

  13. independent says:

    Oh stop, fuchr, you’re some white guy trying to make AAs look bad.

    1. will says:

      Really?. Is it a AA or a white guy problem or a society problem.

      Try this one, from the original brown guy, who seemed to be color blind.

      “We must become the change we want to see.”

  14. Yup, my dog licks my face says:

    My dog is half lab half pit. We rescued her from the SPCA. And yes, she licks our face and we let her sleep in the bed; why, because she was abandoned and we want her to feel loved. When I lost my grandmother this week, she knew my feelings. She came to me and rested her head on my lap. We don’t have children, she is our child. Every day I look at her and smile because SHE picked us. I’m not a fool; I know not everyone is a dog lover. I know people will read this and think, “What an idiot.” I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I know some people are naive and think “Oh my dog would NEVER bite.” I know there are other crimes going on in Baltimore that need to be addressed. But I also know that these dogs didn’t have a choice. No, dogs aren’t humans, but they should be treated humanely. Training dogs to fight and kill other dogs is not humane.

  15. whatnow says:

    I must have missed on the news about Owebama giving out computers to ghetto trash, it seems like they are all on here commenting today. Your love of dog fighting is just one in a long list of reasons why there will never be racial harmony in this country. The moral divide is just too great.

    1. will says:

      Ghetto trash line is uncalled for. We are all one paycheck away from social services.
      You are part of the divide problem.

      1. whatnow says:

        no Will, I’m not. I marched for change in the 60’s. I just don’t think all this thuggery and lack of morals is what I and everyone else marched for. And ghetto doesn’t mean social services and it doesn’t mean black. It means no morals, no class. You are the one thinking color lines and jumping to conclusions so maybe you are part of the divide problem. And I stand by my comment about racial division in this country and the fact it will never be healed. There is too big of a divide and your comment which apparently supports dog fighting is one of the reasons why.

  16. breilly says:

    Stop firhgting dogs and learn tom read and spell.

  17. breilly says:

    Stop wasting time on dog fights and learn to read and spell.

  18. jaime says:

    Baltimore needs to start taking animal abuse seriously. Its time for strict laws & strict punishment… and the courts need to actually come through for once and put these people behind bars.

  19. hummble man says:

    no sin is greater then the other u have to change ur self then teach others give them guidance then they will be able to make better choices

  20. hummble man says:

    we have to start the domino effect but in a positive way where we helping those that no not what they do just like like the white tee epidemic then things will change

  21. hummble man says:

    we have to start the domino effect but in a positive way where we helping those that no not what they do just like the white tee epidemic then things will change

  22. dave says:

    how old sre some the people commenting on this topic ?
    do they not teach grammar or spelling in our schools anymore ?
    The dogs are probably smarter !

  23. mr ged says:

    The police in this city are full of it, just because a person has a lot of dogs and are black that means there dog fighters, honestly if those there were 3 white people in the house I promise this would not be that big of a deal I pray for these people and there families.

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