ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — No good deed goes unpunished.  That’s what some men learned after saving a deer from the frozen Patapsco River.

Despite public outcry, Weijia Jiang tells us those men will still have to pay a fine.

When two men braved an icy Patapsco River to pull a deer to safety Thursday night, strangers applauded the good deed.

“We seen the deer going under, it couldn’t maintain.  It started to freeze and was getting really bad,” said Khalil Abusakran.

Abusakran, 33, used a raft to get to the animal and Jim Hart, 46, went with him.

“We had oars, shovels, we were trying to break the ice for the deer to get out,” Abusakran said.

But authorities say their efforts broke the law.  A Natural Resources police officer on the scene gave the rescuers $90 tickets, a move the chief of police strongly defends.

“Our officers are trained to handle situations such as this.  Unfortunately, the citizenry out there are not,” said Col. George Johnson, DNR Police Superintendent. “We are held responsible for public safety.”

The citation itself doesn’t reflect a specific violation. The chief said there were many, despite—and in response to—a tremendous outpouring of public criticism.  He said they didn’t have life vests on and the alternative was jail.

“No, we didn’t have life vests on, but we’re not 16-years-old,” Abusakran said.

“They could have grabbed that boat and said no, ticket or get locked up, but they didn’t do that.  They let us go out numerous times, knew what we was doing,” said Hart.

It’s an argument both men promise to make in court.

The men say they would save the deer again, even with the resulting ticket.

They are scheduled to appear in court in February.

Comments (15)
  1. len says:

    the police did not use their head. cry babies

  2. SlickAssMatt says:

    that is not cool they shouldn’t have got a ticket for rescuing a deer

  3. KFM410 says:

    look if they would have gone into the freezing water going after the deer they could easly go into shock and become unconscious and then drown. It doesint matter how good of a swimmer you are cold water will kill you. The MNRP Officers have these laws to save your life. Eather follow the laws of get a ticket or you can go into the water and get killed.

  4. Ed says:

    So DNR stood around watching this unfold when they could of called someone to come and get the deer out of the water, I’m wondering if this was the child of the DNR police chief what the outcome would be, I guess the same. GETS ME… Better watch out people make sure you walk around with your life jackets cause you might have to stand and watch someone drown if you don’t have one you sure don’t want a $90 fine now do you…

  5. Steve says:

    The state of Maryland is in dire need of revenue and revenue sources. This is one way for Owe’Malley and DNR to fill their coffers – ticket the citizens for petty crimes.

  6. David Read says:

    So what is the police chief’s name and email so we can let him know what we think?

  7. Rob says:

    Im sure the officer topld them not to go out after the deer- in case they got injured or needed rescue. They did not listen and the officer thought her would show them who is in charge by giving them a citation. At least thats my guess. Seems a bit absurd- if it were a person and the men did not act they would have been crucified for not trying to help.. Merry Christmas DNR>>>>>>

  8. Andy says:

    I use to work with the DNR not as a officer. I know some officers to be somewhat reserved in ticketing. Some, on the other hand can be down right mean. As in this case. I do believe in this case a warning would have been the correct thing to do.

  9. mamabear says:

    Would they have gotten a ticket if they rescued a human??? Come on DNR….. Obviously you guys weren’t out there rescuing this deer so the guys did it.. Why did you stand by and watch??? Hmm, perhaps the ticket was your way of showing them who was in charge because you weren’t ‘man’ enough to help them rescue the deer. Way to go

  10. zeke says:

    i think that the cops giiving them tickets should be suspended due to the fact they let the guys go out there! the guys are heros i hate cops who just need to write people up so they look better to their boss and get more money. this is BS

  11. Justin says:

    Why wasn’t DNR doing anything to help. I mean that’s were my hard earned tax money is going right. If it was a human these guy ls would be on The Today Show. The men clearly state that they were over the age for life jackets to be warn, but the life jackets was in the craft so they are not breaking any laws. The ticket doesn’t say for what they are fined for. You have to know what your being fined for before you can take it to court.

    DNR….Stop wasting my tax money and gett off your ass and do some work. The DNR officer should be on leave with out pay or transferred out of that position for not doing what they are paid to do…. Protect wildlife.

  12. Earle says:

    I think that DNR needs to get a ticket on this one. Aren’t they paid to protect Natural Resources? Like some other professions they sit on their butts eating jelly donuts 99% of the time and then the 1 time they are actually called upon to do their jobs they don’t have enough sack to do it. Instead they were having a staff meeting. We all know that their “meeting” would have been adjourned as soon as the doe went under the water for the last time. Colonel George Johnson DNR Police Superindendent (nice title boss) says that his people are trained to handle these types of situations. Too funny sarge – I think you should get your money back for the training as your guys obviously were on break when they covered the section about doing your job when a situation arises. Please stop backing your flunky and man up and admit that your guy with the badge (you know the trained one) should have rescued the deer.

  13. Stweve says:

    What a joke. POINT made DNR. Now do the right thing. Suspend the “DO NOTHING” that was there. Please, keep this updated. I wouldn’t miss this trialfor the world.

  14. MadInMd says:

    You all realize you are defending the mens’ actions because you are sympathetic to the deer? Those same deer that are over populated and cause thousands of car accidents a year. Those two gentleman risked their own lives to save an animal in harsh winter conditions. Had something gone wrong, all the rescuers lives would then been in danger too. Probably would have ended in a recovery instead of rescue.
    It was a stupid thing to do in my opinion. They deserve the fine.

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