By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore City teacher is behind bars after Harford County officials say he was sexually abusing a 15-year-old.

Mike Hellgren reports Mark Hyzer Jr. is a 25-year-old elementary school teacher.  Now he’s facing child sex abuse charges.

Harford County Police say he was caught in a Bel Air neighborhood performing sex acts with a minor in a parked car over the weekend.

“Oh my God,” said neighbor Kathy Caines.

Police say the windows were steamy and their clothes disheveled when they approached the pair after neighbors complained about a suspicious car.

“This is a serious situation and I think they need to do more background checks on teachers on a yearly basis,” said parent Sharon Gray.

Hyzer teaches at Beechfield School in Baltimore City.  Parents were concerned that the school didn’t notify them immediately.

“Yeah, I’m really concerned about that, that we weren’t notified of his arrest, at least for the children’s sake, because we might have children who are here that was molested in a way, so yeah, I’m really concerned about that,” Gray said.

We received this statement: “Baltimore City Public Schools has been informed that Mark Allen Hyzer, Jr., a city schools elementary school teacher, was arrested in Harford County over the weekend for alleged inappropriate contact with a 15-year-old male.  According to protocol, the teacher has been placed on leave.”

No one answered at his Northwest Baltimore apartment.

“It’s still kind of sad to know that he’s doing stuff like that, yeah,” Caines said.

Hyzer is currently in Harford County custody.

Comments (83)
  1. josye says:

    Amanda, No teacher should be involved with an active school student!!! He may be a good man to you but a prevert to parents. Not a bright person.

  2. Das Jamie Erfahrung says:

    The news always leaves out the important stuff. Teach your kids about lying to trick adults into having sex with them. Now this man’s career maybe ruined because of some kids need to be grown. It would be different if he preyed upon the child, and forced himself on him. Hopefully the real story comes out and not the spin the news puts out for the outrage factor. It’s like we’re in medieval times.

  3. Anonymous Parent says:

    Really people?? He wasn’t molesting children at an ELEMENTARY school… this other individual was 15 – obviously not a student of his… I too heard he had a fake ID – This teacher is only 25 – They were in a car together, it was obviously consensual – – – Looks to me like this guy was lied to and taken advantage of by the teenage boy. People shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions and condemn someone without knowing all of the facts.

    1. jg says:

      i agree, and they probably were a couple, most likely this is not their first time.

    2. Concerned Parent says:

      I sincerely HOPE that you are kidding! Kids are kids! There IS NO CONSENSUAL SEX between an adult and a kid! What is wrong with you? And what is wrong with @jg to AGREE with you??? You BOTH sound like pedophiles to me! This guy is 25 YEARS OLD! He should know better AND so should YOU!

      1. RS says:

        Concerned – why are you getting your panties all in a twist? Did you not read what Anonymous said, that the kid may have been using a fake ID? If that is true, then this is not a case of molestation, but deception on the part of the kid. Kids do lie, you know. We’re just saying that people should be open-minded and get all the facts before jumping to conclusions.

  4. T says:

    Although all facts aren’t present in this sickening story, it behooves me as to why this MAN chose to perform his sexual escapades in public. If you choose to do this type of act, do it in the privacy of your own bedroom, hotel room, wherever. You drive all the way out to Harford County to get your freak on and then get caught. What? You didn’t think no one would notice a “strange” parked car on residential street.

    Keep your private life, private.

  5. No name says:

    WHAT! This was my 8th and 9th grade History teacher.Last tyme I saw hym was In 2009 at Graduation.This Is so SICK and Tedious.Lyke I cant believe Mr.Hyzer would conduct hymself In such a DISCUSTING way.All my prayers will go out to hym.And I know his Carrer Is dwn the drain.I as a Student wouldnt trust hym And I know for sure Parents would.nt.Shame on hym.

    1. melissa says:

      is the letter ‘i’ broken on your keyboard or something?

      1. D.A. says:

        Thank you

    2. D.A says:

      Not to be mean, but if your going to comment on this serious matter spell simple three and four letter words correctly

      1. No name says:

        Why are you concered with
        my spelling!

    3. Holly says:

      I think you should go back to school and learn how to spell.

      1. No name says:

        Good advice to

    4. G says:

      thank god he wasn’t your english teacher.

    5. No name says:

      I can spell First off!
      And who are any….
      Matter of fact I won’t even
      waist my time writing back
      to these IMATURE CHILD-LIKE
      comments.God Bless
      Oh and I don’t need to GO BACK TO SCHOOL Because I’m already there making something of myself,And making a change In the world.I know where
      I stand In school…
      Honors Student.Thnxs.

      1. haha says:

        you just spelled waste as “waist”, you put a ‘ before nt in “wouldn’t”, you missed spelled immature… If you can’t even use proper spelling and grammar then you should go back to school. Plus, you don’t capitalize first or because, and a lot is two words, not one.

      2. melissa says:

        Well, you already ‘WASTED’ your time commenting again, so obviously you are not above anyone else here that you refer to as ‘childlike’ . “Thanks” for your ability to give us an ‘outsiders’ look into the education you are getting to begin with! Really, please don’t do anything to try to change the world, your starting to scare me.

      3. Concerned Parent says:

        @haha before you correct @no name, you should check YOUR OWN spelling!! You misspelled the word misspelled!!!! How ridiculous is that? You spelled it “missed spelled” when it is “misspelled”. How can you correct someone else on their spelling and misspell words too? LOL…..people in glass houses….

    6. dave says:

      To No Name:
      dude did this guy also teach you how to spell????? lyke hym carrer
      very sad.. grow up

      1. dave says:

        I agree

  6. nik says:

    This is sickening. It dont matter what the media is making it seem like. this man is a teacher and even if this boy had a fake id come on now 15yrs old im pretty sure he didnt look that old. come on people

    1. Tarsha says:

      This is the most cruel thing I saw. You all are suppose to be adults.No name, Keep your head up sweetie and keep doing what God has brought you to do.
      How can you put down a child
      because of the way he/she write on
      a computer. I have no more words.

      1. Jackie says:

        I agree

  7. Anom says:

    I need to hear all of the facts first. Ive seen some pretty old looking teens before. We all have. A little facial hair and a little lie is all it takes. They were caught by police, it wasnt reported by the boy or family it was obviously consensual. How many 15 year old stalker teen girls follow the 18 year old boys down to OC during Senior Week and lie about their age???? Exactly. This is a potential lying HIGH SCHOOL student not a grammer school boy folks. Lets hear all of the facts!

    1. Concerned Parent says:

      If you are serious then you are SICK! 25 year old teacher + 15 year old kid = statutory rape! That is ALL you really need to know! If you aren’t old enough to figure out someone’s age BEFORE you have sexual contact with them, then you aren’t old enough to have sex! This guy broke the law – plain and simple!

  8. Anom says:

    PS If Mariah Carey met Nick Cannon at the age of 25, nick would be 15. She is pregnant with twins now and they are married so…

  9. anom says:

    It seems like most of the comments being left are clearly by pedophiles. They are actually defending this pervert. The teenage boy took advantage….PEOPLE PLEASE!!!!!! Mark is the adult here. As for the Mariah and Nick comment. She met him when he was a man not when he was 15…. STUPID

    1. jg says:

      no one is saying he is right but a fifteen year old knows right from wrong, they both need to be held accountable for their actions on their levels

  10. Anom says:

    your an idiot. Typical low iq village idiot “lets grab the pitchforks” oh so there is NO chance NONE AT ALL ZWERO that a 15 year old lied???? Is that what you are saying??? Samll finded idiots. Thats what is wrong with this country!

  11. Anom says:

    Oops, small minded idiots, I forget thet is 90% of the news’ viewship its what keeps them afloat. My bad!

  12. Anom says:

    H1N1 we are all going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BIRD FLU FEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CAT CROSSED THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Snookie Paloooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CORN DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Judy says:

      Why are you so erratic and frantic with defending this man? I bet you are him, aren’t you. Nobody would waste their day defending somebody like this and landing like a hawk in defense of this guy on every comment.

  13. Judy says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Anom and some of the others defending this perv are actually HIM in disguise. They seem mental enough. After all, you just need to make a quick fake email and username to comment here. What better for this guy if he or someone in cahoots with him sign up and comment to make it look like the public is on his side.

    1. Holly says:

      Ugh your all a bunch of crazy closeminded rednecks. Clearly the boy was fine with it. It’s not that big of a deal! You all are always to quick to judge, haha you’d probably all still burn people at the stake if you could. Rednecks..

      1. jg says:

        I agree Holly, come on ppl, “the windows were steamy” meaning they were getting it in and both enjoying it!

      2. Judy says:

        Rednecks? How is having even consentual sex with a 15-year old okay in any way shape or form? MARYLAND’S AGE OF CONSENT IS 16 NOT 15! It’s about breaking the law. So let’s see, according to you all, if a 12 year old has the urge to get f ucked by a 45 year old man, that is okay and the man shouldn’t face any charges because he can claim “well, the boy wanted it”? Grow up!

      3. Judy says:

        BTW, I am sure I am setting off a firestorm of mindless name calling, etc because I am RIGHT that the only sickos defending him are either himself in disguise or another f uck buddy of his.

  14. D.A. says:

    Both Parties should be held accountable. I feel no sorrow towards the teacher and student. Even if the teacher was tricked he had intercourse in a public area

    1. Anom says:

      Again, how do we know there was intercourse involved???

      1. Judy says:

        “Sexually abusing”

        He wasn’t bringing him to a Little League game.

      2. dave says:

        your gay

  15. J.M. says:

    He is a teacher, a supposed role model, the main facts are he engaged in sexual activity with a 15yr old minor boy which is already statutory rape irrigardless if it was consensual and didn’t do it at home which indicates he was hiding which indicates as the adult knew it was wrong. Case closed

    1. Brittany says:


      1. J.M. says:

        Thanks for catching my meaning! duh! It’s o.k.the grown-ups will understand what I said thanks.

    2. Judy says:

      Thank you for the sanity!

      1. Anom says:

        You people are retarted. I am going to dumb this down for you folk. THERE IS A CHANCE THAT HE DID NOT KNOW HE WAS 15. HE COULD HAVE HAD A GOTEE OR SOMETHING THAT MADE HIM LOOK OLDER. Your simply arguing with the inclination that HE KNEW that he was 15. YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT!!!! AGAIN YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT…..PEOPLE LIE….ITS THAT SIMPLE!!!

      2. Judy says:

        Umm, Anom, the law doesn’t CARE if he “knew” or not. It was his responsibility to find out for sure if he didn’t know! The law is the law, too bad you don’t like it but he did indeed break it!

      3. J.M. says:

        So a adult Male who is also a teacher can’t tell the difference between a fifteen yr old child and an adult? B.S. buddy! Also the name calling just proves your own adolesence, let me smarten it up for YOU, STATUTORY RAPE!!!

  16. MOM says:

    Okay, He picked up the little boy rather it was consensual or not, Mark was wrong and he knew it. I know he knew it because he took that boy to a strange neighborhood to have sex with him, but got caught. rather than taking him to his home cause he knew they would recognize him and what he was doing. Come on people this is not right in no shape or form. They need to start investigating and start giving these teachers background checks. Teachers getting high, Popping pills, & so forth. I witnessed these problems and nobody talks about that cause they sweep it under the carpet. The real deal is this country and its negligence when it comes to this society and this world.

    1. Anom says:

      MOM said:
      “Mark was wrong and he knew it.”

      Did he know it???
      When did you chat with him about it? How do you KNOW that HE knew he was 15. So your saying this 15 yr old couldnt lie?

      1. Judy says:

        It was his responsibility to find out for certain! Negligence is not an excuse to evade the consequences of breaking the law!

      2. J.M. says:

        Read on Anom, it says what I said before “HE KNEW IT CAUSE HE WENT TO A DIFFERENT TOWN/AREA TO ENGAGE IN THIS EGREGIOUS BEHAVIOR” I hope the point has gotten across now.

  17. Anom says:

    If I met you on an online dating site and said I was 19 but I was really 15 with a fake ID or something and grew a GOTEE (yes @ 15 you can grow one). Took you out to dinner or something???? You just dont know do you? Are you going to check my ID??? Prob. not. this is the point.

    1. Judy says:

      Doesn’t matter if you don’t think the law is sensible. Perhaps it’s not but it is the law and if he had to ask for an ID, then that’s what he had to do to assure no laws were being broken.

  18. Anom says:

    A 15 yr old girl wouldnt lie to a 19 year old boy on senior week down at Ocean City???? Give me a GD break!

    1. Judy says:

      A DECADE age difference is not within the approval of the law! Learn the LAW and stop posting the same s hit multiple times!

  19. Why does it matter says:

    So, many of you are defending this man’s behavior and attempting to garner sympathy for his career, which has gone down the drain. No wonder our society is in the condition it’s in! If the teacher was an African American man, I am certain the the comments would not be so supportive. I am disgusted to think that there are people who can condone this behavior. Consentual or not, if it was so right, why not go to a hotel or better yet, bring the boy to your home. Oh, none of that occurred b/c it was WRONG!!!!!
    Focusing on spelling errors or the like cannot detract from the fact that this man allegedly committed a crime.

    1. Judy says:

      He did commit a crime. Under the law, if he knew the boy was 15, of course he is guilty. If he did not know, still tough luck- it was his responsibility to research and make sure that was true! The judge doesn’t want to hear that “he told me he was 19” bulls hit! And you are right- the amount of support found here turns my stomach, but as I said earlier I bet half of the comments are the sicko himself! BTW- great point about the racial thing. Isn’t that the truth.

      1. J.M. says:

        Yeah I would never have thought so many people would think it was ok for this to happen or to make so many excuses for this guy. Just disgusting.

      2. Why oh Why says:

        Why does the race card come out? What if the boy were black? What’s the price of tea in China?

  20. damo says:

    the point of age of consent being 16 was brought up a couple times. if he would have got caught a few months later you people would be talking about something else. the point of a decade age difference was said to be illegal. i am 13 years older than my girl. i’m 33, she looks 12. the looks we get make us giggle. my point is mind your own business

  21. KAKE says:


  22. Tomi says:

    bottom line fake ID or not and especially him being a teacher you know a 15 year old is 15 .. your the adult act like it . It doesn’t matter if it was consensual he was a child and its sick and to defend him or his actions is sick as well its not a big deal until it happens to your child there is no excuse

  23. Randy says:

    There they’re their, your you’re yore all in need of some remedial english.

  24. mr grown says:

    hay i lied when i was 15 i told my then 23 year old girl friend i was 22 she or her family couldnt tell the difference i was built so well and had the height she was fooled she didnt find out till my sixteenth birthday in it was to late she didnt care

  25. mr grown says:

    hay every thing not for every body u perverts some teens not mentally ready to be in a adult relationship so move on and find some one ur own age or better yet they should make a law where they cut ur pee pee off and u live like that

  26. mr grown says:

    a now um in a new relation in shes 14 years older then me but we been married going on 11 years now its nothing like the softness of a mature older women

  27. mr grown says:

    but i still hate u perverts um not okaying u nastey trashy i hope all of u pervs meet any and every thing that can go wrong in life when u say hate i hate u perves die pervs die pervs

  28. mr grown says:

    but when she found out how old i was she wasnt to pleased she was kind of mad that a 19 year old got over and trick her but it was to late she was in love so u got still be careful in ask to met the parents first befor u go out on a date if u have nothing to hide and u not a pervert

  29. Ricardo says:

    All gay men are pedophiles.

  30. dave says:

    teachers have an obligation to parents and society to teach are children certain values and self control be roll models and whats right and wrong in normal society

  31. Hmmm says:

    Everyone keeps saying that he should have done more research to make sure the kid was of a certain age. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I am going on a date with somebody, or I’ve decided to seriously date somebody, I don’t hire a private investigator to make sure the person is who they say they are. I don’t start looking heavily into their background to make sure they are a specific age. Keep in mind, I’d be more than a little ticked off to find out they were lying about their age, but the point is, to say he should have researched it is kind of a silly argument. Yes, there are teenagers who do not look like teenagers, just like there are adults who do not look like adults. Its really easy to say that he should have researched it, but if you found out something about the person you are dating and somebody said that to you, would you agree that you should have done “research” on the person?

    Unfortunately, though, he did break the law. It doesn’t matter if he knew or not, or if the 15 year old goes in saying that he agreed to it. He’s going to get charged anyway for breaking the law, whether he guilty or innocent of “bad” behavior.

    Oh, and also, plenty of people have sex in their cars. You drive to another neighborhood so if somebody does see you, they don’t actually know its you. That, or if you are just driving along and decide you want to stop for quick one, you just pull over. It being in a car doesn’t prove that he knew it was wrong. People who do it are less than cautious and are asking to get caught, but at the same time, it doesn’t mean they are doing something illegal or immoral.

    Face the facts though. There are plenty of teenagers who are more mature than their adult parents. And for the comment about if it were a 12 year old doing it – well, people do not think about the mental difference between a 12 year old and a 15 year old. I’ll admit, sometimes there isn’t one, but more often you grow a considerable amount from the age of 12 to 15. That is saying that a 10th grade is no more responsible, mature or advanced than a 7th grader. I know I wasn’t the same person in highschool that I was in middle school.

    You keep calling him a child because he is, under law, considered one. But had this been a story about the “child” brutally raping and murdering somebody, there would be pleas to have him tried as an adult. Everybody would be saying that he was aware of his reactions and was old enough to understand what he was doing, etc. But when its something like this because the other person is expected to be more mature, there is no mercy on anyone but “the child”.

  32. Truth says:

    LOL @ Baltimore City schools…they wouldn’t let me teach because I had a DUI. Let’s hire child molesters instead…alrighty then.

    Sex with a minor is a crime. There is no consent if one of the parties is a minor. It’s very simple and clear cut.

    I cannot believe that there are people defending this guy? How many of you have children? This is not okay.
    And I’m not closeminded, I’m actually pretty freaky when it comes to adult activities, but they’re just that…adult activities. No minors.

  33. LMAO says:

    I had the opposite problem: I looked YOUNGER than I was, so nobody wanted to date me, even though I was an adult!

  34. Wow, I had very recently and stoically in shock, depth, and even in a personal manner responded to this sickening and wrongful (baneful) act… I honestly wish I’d have posted a lot more than what I did, as I was deeply effected by what this jerk and pervert/fiend did, and no excuse man, no excuse! Not one excuse, let alone any friggin’ excuses huh! I had left a comment which read verbatim and one of the first their, even though my comment was seemingly effected/altered or such: I replied to the jerk and the guy whom wrote his twisted opinion as a obviously disdain and disgust: by saying, “Nice Comment or Article! With the Exclamation to mean seriously are you seriously kidding with this baneful news Hmmmm or whatever he was going bvy? Any, I mean any teacher such as this sick fiend, sick fiend, by name of Mr. Hyzer who was arrested while allegedly (proof enough they have/Bel Air Cops) and school district when they arrested him rightfully so! This garbage can’t and should never be alloweed, For Hmmmm to write (obviously a teen himself) what he did was such a twisted statment and “Concerned Parent ” Wrote in for a reason responding to Hmmm which I completely understand as a proud, very proud Uncle Sibling, Son and the Child in me and in us all, as we’ve all walked, talked and struggled along the paved road in life; to expand I just wish to make very stoically pertnenet with feeling and smarts, that this/the teacher must be very severely reprimanded, have his teaching liscense taken away and not only punished as all suggest which needs to happen, but he must learn, he must learn the sick nature, so darn wrong to not only take “obvious advantage of, but to have banefully and sickly molest, rape, fondle, touch innapropriately in any form is and was, and always will forever be his sick and twisted wrong he (I’m fuming to think as an uncle even, or my own kids if or when I have a family)? I don’t wish to think about what I’d wish to have the (crazy, we know he’s guilty” yet one thing that fumes me to no end is how sick, twisted andthe anger, hurt, crimes, ill adept and sickening things he did and he will pay dearly and not in a dear way whatsoever, I’d hate to be one of the schools teachers even, student’s or parents… Let us join in ending, as it’s been enough already, they possibly deserve who know’s, we need to be obviously stricter, because it’s not ending and even females have doe so as well (crazy); in prion and monitored for life, or show them how it feels, maybe I know some do think these banes of society should be removed (understand?)??? As a plague 1000 years ago or longer these freaks have roamed free (time to pay)!

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