The bizarre 2010 football season for the Washington Redskins continues to make its way onto magazine covers and website home pages as a 6 time pro bowler was benched last weekend in Dallas in favor of the turnover machine known as Rex Grossman.

With a promising new beginning and the hiring of a coaching giant in Mike Shanahan things looked to be headed in the right direction for this team. Collectively with a young defense led by a “stud in the making” in Brian Orakpo and a multimillion dollar run stuffer in Albert Haynesworth, the signing of Donovan McNabb brought with it the confidence level needed to contend in the always competitive NFC East. The Redskins then brought in Baby Shanahan who flourished in Houston as the offensive coordinator of one of the leagues most explosives offenses. This Texans offense was one in which made its living through the air while father Shanahan has made a living off of no name running backs turning in 1,000 yard seasons.

This offensive philosophy brought in backs like Larry Johnson and Willie Parker to couple with Clinton Portis. Problem was, that this VIP list of players was no longer capable of playing in the NFL. To help their newly acquired Quarterback the Redskins signed 67 year old Joey Galloway who was released by Bill Belichick just weeks before. Another big name that could no longer play the game, an art the Washington Redskins have mastered throughout the years.

Mike Shanahan is known league wide as a head coach who wants full control of his football team, and this was made obvious during the 4th preseason game of the year. In a glorified scrimmage game where many of the bigger names sit on the sidelines in jeans, Albert Haynesworth the team’s best player was put out there for all but 2 plays in the game. A disagreement with the head coach surely caused this as Mike Shanahan’s authority is too big of a deal to question…especially when your paycheck over shadows that of Sir Shanahan. This disagreement has lasted the entire season culminating in Haynesworth being suspended for the final 4 games. Haynesworth doesn’t have the best reputation around the league so there wouldn’t be many people coming to his defense.

Donovan McNabb, on the other hand, has not been one to be involved in a well publicized quarrel like this. Unless your name is Terrell Owens of course, and many people find themselves on the other side of that. This reputation didn’t save Donovan from being benched in a very winnable game in Detroit earlier in the year in favor of the “always dangerous” Rex Grossman. Many reasons were given by Shanahan as the main motivation for the pull including familiarity with the offense and not being in shape to run a 2 minute drill. What made it even worse for Shanahan was the fact that Rex fumbled on the first snap, resulting in a touchdown and the end of the game. This brilliant play at the quarterback position, along with the fact that Rex Grossman is a legitimate starter in this league, all of which is new to me, caused Shanahan to bench Donovan McNabb again.

Earlier today in an interview, McNabb said he felt disrespected by the change but that he’d like to return to D.C. next year. McNabb was on pace to break many Redskins passing records before the move and did so with Santana Moss, Roydell Williams and a guy named Anthony Armstrong at receiver. With Sidney Rice without a quarterback in Minnesota and Larry Fitzgerald “eating out of the garbage” in Arizona why would Donovan McNabb want to return to this lose-lose situation in Washington? Donovan, go retake your career elsewhere and let Mike Shanahan do his benching or suspending to other players not named Donovan McNabb.

justinperez producer staffwriter BLOG: Why Donovan McNabb Wasnt The Problem In D.C.





Justin Perez – 1057 The Fan Staff Writer

  1. Harry.osullivan says:

    From HARRY OS 29 Ravens Fan in Sykesville, MD
    This is a great, accurate article on the mess in DC. The owner is the problem and as long as he owns the team , CHAIOS will Reign. I know what he was trying to do by Hiring Shannahan…but big MIKE is not the guy for the REDSKINS…not today not tomorrow! BAD MOVE DANNY

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