BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Coppin State student was nearly killed while returning from the grocery store. Police say they have the man responsible in custody.

 Kelly McPherson is following this development in the investigation.

 Dale Dunn helped catch his attacker—two months after he nearly died near his school, Coppin State University.

 The star athlete with a 4.0 GPA was walking home from Shoppers supermarket at Mondawmin Mall in October when police now say Michael Jones robbed him, and then shot him.

“I didn’t know you couldn’t walk to the grocery store to get something to eat.  It’s ridiculous,” said a friend to the victim.

“Tears came to my eyes just to run into the emergency room and scream out, ‘I need help. My friend has been shot,’” said another friend.

Classmates didn’t think Dunn would survive.

He did. And he was able to identify the 19-year-old suspect who he says shot him that night.

Jones was arrested Thursday at the McDonalds at BWI where he works.

Witnesses also helped.

“Several interviews were done, and it comes down to community intelligence, the community working with western district detectives, and we were able to make an arrest in this case,” said Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore Police Department.

After the shooting, Coppin State increased its police presence, but students and faculty have questioned if that really makes a difference in keeping the campus safe.

“The answer is we need to get the guns off the street,” said Steve Dickson, Dunn’s professor. “And once we get the guns off the street, they won’t have anything to shoot anybody with.”

Jones was first arrested earlier this month for a handgun violation. After running tests on that gun, police were not able to link it to any other crimes. It was the witness interviews that clinched this arrest for Baltimore police.

The victim is out of the hospital and still recovering from the shooting at home.

Comments (7)
  1. christo67 says:

    He’s cute.

  2. zelda says:

    The story doesn’t add up and the cops need to tell the whole truth cause they got the wrong person don’t lie just to hurry up and solve a case I don’t believe he did it so now it was other witness. Get outta heree!!!!!

  3. shanitta says:

    @Zelda How can the story not add up when the victim “was able to identify the 19-year-old suspect” who shot him. Your comment makes no sense, dear. Thank goodness they were able to get this person off the streets before he harmed anyone else.

  4. zelda says:

    @shanttta the victim was not here to identify and they say thing and then another one. you cant judge a person until found guilty. you don’t know him to say anything and youre going by what the media said not wat the person the have for something he didn’t do. so on that note i know i make sense you don’t even know the whole story youre feeding off the media.

  5. Jamie Peace says:

    Now what???? He is an innocent man.Write a story about what this 19 year old went thru in the past 6 month.To all that judged him your day is coming when you to will be judged.

  6. maus says:

    Aw, he’s a good boy, just trying to take care of his kids and baby mammas. I’m sure they got him the finest Men’s Wearhouse suit for the trial, and snipped his dreads just in time. Thugs got the witnesses to back off, and the jury shows itself to either be spineless or criminals themselves, and another thug is back on the streets. But he’ll end up dead or in jail in a few months anyway, because the “community” only really cares about its young men, (who have so much potential you know) when they are on trial or dribbling a basketball. You represent a defeated, dying “culture” of mental slavery. Humanity’s only hope is that the animals don’t drag too many humans down when the SSI checks dry up.

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