You’ll need your patience out there on the roadways, as millions of people head out to their holiday destinations. Some are flying or taking the train, but most are driving.

Kelly McPherson explains the highways were packed Thursday night and are expected to be packed Christmas Eve.

The traffic has begun, as east coast drivers travel along the country’s busiest corridor—right through Maryland.

“There’s been a lot of traffic. It’s been pretty slow.  Normally from Richmond to here I would have been here in about 2.5 hours, and it’s been about 3.5,” said Ashton Robertson.

To keep busy in the car, Nailani Robertson says she plans to sleep.

There is significantly more traffic along I-95 going north.

One family is slowly heading home for round two of the holiday.

“Well the traffic is pretty busy today, so I don’t know,” said Aaron Toleos. “Usually it’s 7.5 to 8 hours from DC to Boston.”

“We’re going at like a constant of 35 mph,” Keri Gayle said.

The backup continues at the Maryland House rest stop where drivers are telling WJZ that several hours have been tacked onto their trip Thursday night.

“A good two hours already because we would already be in New Jersey by now,” said Zaakira Harris.

Construction at the Delaware toll is still shutting down some lanes of traffic, slowing down everyone once again.

“Christmas holiday traffic is not that congested; however, we’re trying to get the word out—if you have to travel to look at an alternate route or go at a time during off-peak periods,” said Bob King, DelDOT.

Despite the heavy traffic, many motorists say the wait is well worth it for these reasons:

“For Christmas, definitely, yea,” confirmed Harris.

“Our grandparents back in Boston always have a Christmas eve party,” Toleos said.

 “To see my cousins and open my presents,” Jeziah Robertson said.

“Presents,” said James.

The traffic at around 11 p.m. Thursday isn’t nearly as bad as it was earlier—during peak hours. But it is expected to pick back up Friday morning on Christmas Eve.


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