By Mary Bubala

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s a heartwarming story about a special dog that saved a local boy’s life.

Mary Bubala reports a school and church community are determined to help the family who lost so much in a house fire.

Eddie Stromberg, 10, loves his dog “Honey”. The two have an incredible bond after one frightening night together.

“Honey came in my room and started to lick me and bark at me and normally I would just push her away, but this time I could smell the smoke,” said Stromberg.

Honey, the 5-year-old Golden Lab alerted Eddie that the house was on fire.

Everyone got out safely.

“She saved my life, I wish I could save her life,” said Stromberg.

Eddie’s parents know how lucky they are to have Honey in their lives. Days after the fire, they found out how fortunate they are to be part of St. Agnes School and Parish in Catonsville.

Students and parishioners donated thousands of dollars to the family, along with food and clothes.

“They brought in quite a bit of money and my questions was do your parents know you are bringing all of this in, and they said ‘yes,’ ‘it was my birthday money’, ‘I was saving up for a new game system, but I want Eddie to have it,'” said Maribeth Bennett, Eddie’s teacher.

“We help each other we celebrate good times and we mourn sad times and we were able to pull together in this sad time and bring some good out of it,” said Father Michael DeAscanis, St. Agnes Church.

The church offered a scholarship, so that Eddie could continue going to school at St. Agnes while his house is being rebuilt.

“I just wanted to thank everybody, I tried to get thank you’s out, but there were so many anonymous donations,” said Heather Stromberg, Eddie’s mother.

The students raised $5,000 in just two days during a fundraiser for the family.

The school also gave Eddie new textbooks, uniforms and other supplies.

Comments (5)
  1. Doug says:

    This is a good kid. The parents are doing it right.

  2. jean amsl says:

    glad boy and dog safe .

    1. wow says:

      nice sentiment tarzan

  3. This is a really amazing story and I see Eddie almost everyday at school and this will be my last year cause of high school but I am very glad that Eddie is still going to be able to go to school here and I heard about the fire in school but I never knew it was as touching as this. St Agnes may be a small school in size but it has a big heart and very good ideas for fun things that the students can do just to raise money for a charity or in eddies case a family who just went through a life changing experience. A family with a good dog and good kid with a good future.

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