Millions Celebrate Christmas Mass Nationwide

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Christmas Mass
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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Christmas morning mass is tradition for millions worldwide.  Thousands in our area took part Saturday, too. 

Gigi Barnett has more from the Baltimore Basilica.

Christmas morning mass is a time-honored tradition celebrated by millions worldwide and Saturday morning at the Baltimore Basilica, hundreds joined in.

For some, the reason to attend comes from a deep faith.

“There’s a point in Christmas–it’s…Jesus’ birth.  I don’t understand why people celebrate Christmas if they don’t believe in a God, because that’s really what Christmas stems from,” said parishioner Jessica Jacobo.

For others, the mass is a chance to spend time with family inside Baltimore’s oldest Basilica.

“It’s gorgeous inside.  I love it here; it’s just beautiful,” said parishioner Alexis Leigh.

“It’s easy to celebrate this wonderful feast here.  It’s an act of devotion and that brings us closer to God,” said Bishop Vicar Denis Madden, who presided over the mass.

Madden’s holiday message to parishioners is clear: keep the Christmas spirit all year.

“It goes right into the new year and the more we do it, [the more we see] the presence of God in our lives,” Madden said.

The Archdiocese also hosted a midnight mass where more than 1,000 people attended.

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