LAUREL, Md. (WJZ) — In Anne Arundel County, an attempted robbery at a Dunkin’ Donuts ends with the suspect getting shot. 
Kelly McPherson has more on the struggle between the robber and the property owner in Laurel.
When a man tried to rob Dunkin’ Donuts at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday on Laurel Fort Meade Road, the property owner happened to be there and police say he killed the robber.
The clerk at the liquor store next door heard what happened from the Dunkin’ Donuts clerk working at the time of the shooting.
“Once the guy had come into the store, he asked for the money.  He gave him the money and he followed the guy outside.  That’s what he said, that he followed the perp outside and that he heard two gunshots,” said clerk Devin Yi.
“There was some sort of struggle that ensued between the suspect and the property owner.  At some point, the suspect was subsequently shot,” said Justin Mulcahy, Anne Arundel County Police.
The 29-year-old suspect died from the gunshot wounds.  Witnesses told police that he announced to the store that he had a weapon but police won’t say if they found a gun on him or not.
The shooting happened in the parking lot.
This isn’t the first time a business owner has fought back against a thief.
“It’s that time of year plus the economy is bad so you have to watch your back wherever you go, no matter who you are.  They don’t care out there nowadays.  They’ll grab and rob you, shoot you, kill you for a dollar,” said Richard James Ford.
“Nowadays, people are starting to arm themselves, especially small business owners.  Gotta protect yourself, I guess,” Yi said.
Police are still investigating and determining if the 48-year-old property owner should be charged.
“I’d have done the same thing if it was my business.  Of course, defend yourself.  You’ve got a right to defend your property and your life,” Ford said.
No charges have been filed in this case as the investigation continues.
Comments (63)
  1. Doug K. says:

    Maryland will probably send the owner to jail for shooting the robber. This is why we need a conceal and carry law here in Maryland lawmakers. Get with it and we’ll lower the crime rate that you can’t.

      1. Kevin Robinstein says:

        Post the names of states where a conceal law has lowered the crime rate. Name one…

      2. Michael says:

        New Hampshire, Vermont and North Dakota were listed as the top one through three safest states in 2010. Each one of these places have friendly concealed carry laws.

      3. Johnny says:

        All 37 states that have a conceal carry law have lowered their crime rates, directly proportional to when they instituted the law. It works! Only about 2% actually carry, but no one knows who is carrying. Could be the guy behind you in line at the checkout.

    1. Patrick says:

      I’m sorry, why do we need a conceal and carry law? This property owner didn’t need to conceal his weapon to defend himself – obviously. The law works the way it is.

      1. Mike says:

        It would be a mental deterrent. Theives would think twice about robbing someone if they thought the person they were going to rob could just as easily kill them. A person who pulls a gun on someone to rob them is a coward to begin with, this would just make him think twice before attempting. That extra doubt could be the difference between walking on and committing the crime.

      2. Michael says:

        Patrick, the property owner does need a conceal and carry permit. However, since he’s a business owner who frequently handles large amounts of money, he can be granted one. That is one of the few personse who are allowed to applying for the permit.

        If the laws were opened up to say, allowing people who’ve gone through a multiple day training course or prior military expereience, then we’ll finally be able to empower the people so that there are less victims in the world.

      3. tylerjake says:

        sure Patrick and I’m sure you’re another worthless LIB that believes guns are scary and bad.

    2. Scott R. says:

      Amen to that for me too! This is the best news story I’ve heard all week! I would have done the same thing! These animals are out of control and we need to take our communities back! Are we supposed to feel bad for an animal who threatened people w/ a gun? even if he didn’t actually have one, he said he did! The crime must stop. Most of us honest citizens are truly fed up!

    3. frank says:

      conceal carry law would not prevent the store owner from going to jail you fool.

    4. j stuart says:

      Concealed carry makes us all safer. Right now, you can conceal carry in all the states surrounding the pathetic state of Maryland. I plan to move away from this cesspool and leave it to the parasites that vote for more benefits every year.

  2. Co-Signer says:

    I agree 100% with Doug K.

  3. Paul says:

    It’s sad that criminals have more rights than victims nowadays. In defense of his life and property, the victim discharged his weapon. He didn’t “aim to kill”; he discharged his weapon to “stop the threat” against his life and property. The fact that the criminal just happened to die as a result is a by-product of the situation that his own actions got him into in the first place. Police should give the victim a medal for protecting his customers and console him for enduring an event that THE POLICE COULD NOT HANDLE ON THEIR OWN. If private citizens don’t take the law into their own hands, then NO ONE will have the law.
    And who robs a donut store? Isn’t that a hive of police activity?! Where were all the cops when this went down? Probably in a sugar coma behidn the counter or cowering behind their bedges.

  4. whatnow says:

    At least we won’t have to waste taxpayer money trying this guy time after time after time for the next 50 years.

  5. Al says:

    That is the way to handle it!!!!!
    I hope there would be no criminal charges against store owner.

  6. Jeff says:

    I must have missed the portion of the story that said the Owner was charged with a crime. A lot of posts on here going on about the owner probably being charged and the criminal having more rights. Didn’t see anything in the story that would lead to those conclusions.

    1. Krissy says:

      Jeff maybe u need to reread the article because it clearly states that they are invesitgating whether the owner should be charged with crime

      1. Patrick says:

        “No charges have been filed in this case as the investigation continues.”
        Read to the end please people. No charges have been filed.

      2. Kevin Rubinstein says:

        The owner followed the robber to the parking lot and killed him. That sounds like murder and not self defense. Unless it was a moment of insanity caused by the stress of the robbery..

      3. tylerjake says:

        Krissy you can’t argue with LIBERAL morons, they already think they know everything.

  7. Jennifer says:

    The store owner isn’t going to jail. He was in the right defending his store.

  8. Baltlaw says:

    Now we know how the holes in the donuts get there.

  9. jamal says:

    hopefully the low lifes family or whatever dont make this a big drama fest and try to sue the property owner because their son,father w/e was trying to rob ppl, but this is america and as some of you have said already criminals have more rights than victims 9/10

    1. Joe says:

      Of course they will, it’s lost income in their eyes!

  10. Michael Shai says:

    I would do the same thing. Problem is that the laws sometimes protect the guilty. His family will speak out — he had kids, a wife, was crazy or something of the sorts. Then this poor business owner will go to jail. It happens all the time. This guy would still be alive if he had chose to stay home (at 300AM)

  11. Wes W says:

    I strongl agree with Doug K. If we had a conseal and carry law maybe these cowards would think twice about robbing honest people.

    1. Kevin Rubinstein says:

      Criminals don’t think, that’s why a conceal law makes not difference.

      1. tylerjake says:

        Spoken like a TRUE socialist Democrat!!

      2. TylerJames says:

        Do you have a degree or any knowledge in criminal profiling or psychology?

      3. j stuart says:

        Oyye, you must be from New York. They think like that there, you know. Sheep.

  12. sannerman says:

    The Store OWne shoud receive a REWARD an mor tha a pat on the back.
    He shou aob hired to teach MARKSMANSHIP at the Police Dparts. so more TRASH like this will be taken OFF OUR STREETS!!

  13. scanerman says:

    The Store Owner should receive a REWARD an mor tha a pat on the back.
    He should be hired to teach MARKSMANSHIP at the Police Dparts. so more TRASH like this will be taken OFF OUR STREETS!!

    1. fred guisse says:

      They didn’t tell you about the 2 shots he missed that ended up in parked cars. Marksman? Lucky he didn’t kill his own customers. Maybe he should be TRAINING before being given the weapon, not giving the lessons on how to disable parked cars.

      1. j stuart says:

        Like the Baltimore cops that fired nearly 40 rounds into the fellow cop recently. You can’t be serious.

        Patch the cars with Bondo mixed with the ashes of the crook. A few stray bullets. That happens every night in Baltimore.

  14. cavey says:

    good for the owner i would of done the same thing

  15. Rob says:

    Maryland gun laws are a JOKE!! This state has no morals, Maryland needs to be like the west in the good old days. The owner of the store will probably be charged, then get the gas chamber. It’s sad I live here too, Unfortunatly I can’t sell my house due to this great economy and perfect housing market.

  16. Roy Bean says:

    He gave the money to the robber, then proceeded to follow him outside and murdered him. The owner should have stayed inside the store after the threatening robber left. Vigilante justice.

    1. airmuller says:

      Damn Straight!

    2. j stuart says:

      I say it was good tactics. That thief will never do that again. The owner should get a medal. You should be forced to work behind the counter of a convenience stores from midnight to 8am in Baltimore for a year. I bet your tune would change.

  17. Steve Case says:

    I feel no pity for the criminal. Owner just helped clean up our streets.

  18. Ed B. says:

    The owner has a right to protect his property and life. The robber was given the money and left the store. Once he was outside, the threat was gone. The owner took the law in his own hands by following the robber outside. The robber now becomes the victim , so to speak. The owner may be charged with a crime by the state. Doesn’t seem fair but that’s how our laws work.

    1. angelicsins says:

      there may have been no threat but thats his money walking out the door. i give him props for standing up to a robber. You and Roy bean can go hug some trees together. Just another peice of trash of the Streets. Props Donut Man!!

  19. christo67 says:

    Negroes are very scary…

    1. johnsonj3 says:

      A robber comes in all colors not just negroes, as you called it.

  20. Jimmy Crack Corn says:

    I love how Army bases are all ghettoes, even the ones that house the NSA.

  21. BRENT BARBOUR says:


    1. Wesley Evans says:

      Did this mention anywhere that the guy was shot in the back? I must have overlooked that part. So what if he followed him out of the store. What is to say they did not get into a struggle in the parking lot and the threat was still there? A lot of speculation going on here in a report that is lacking a lot of detail. The only two people that know exactly what happened are the dead criminal and the living store owner. Devin Yi’s entire account of the story (he heard from someone who did not even see the shooting) should be discredited as second hand information.

    2. j stuart says:

      He saved us some money by etching out the crook.

  22. dan d says:

    kind of glad the jerk id DEAD! he deserves what he got and now we dont have to house and feed another maggot in our jails. one more piece of trash off our streets

  23. Heather says:

    Glad the deadbeat is dead! Now we don’t have to pay to feed and clothe him for the next 20 years. How much does it cost us per day to keep someone incarcerated anyway? Thanks to the store owner for protecting himself, his liively hood and his patrons!!!!!

  24. black says:

    For all you ingnorant ones who belive that the owner was justified, understand this there was no mention of the suspect having a weapon at all, the montery value was not worth the human value, and if you honestly believe that it is, there is something wrong with your morals and principles. better yet if it was one of your own family members or friends that was killed by the owner i,m willing to bet my life that your comments would differ.

  25. black says:

    From most of the comments i read it tells me only one thing…. racism still exsist in our present society on every level. socially, economically. mentally, and physically.

    1. TylerJames says:

      What i love is that you yourself assume the ethnicity of the perpetrator. There is no mention of his ethnic background at all. They are calling the man a deadbeat because of his actions against a fellow American. I haven’t read a single comment assuming him to be Mexican-American or an African American.

  26. JLP says:

    So many have tried to sacrificed to fight racism it’s almost criminal to keep bringing up thta OLD OLD CARD about everything. He was a low life he’s dead, better him then the honest working man. Black White or martian. Making racism the excuse for every tragic happening doesn’t play anymore.

    1. j stuart says:

      I agree. The racists keep bring up the race card. Black can’t see anything but color in his view of the world, thus his screen name.

      As for the crook. Throw him in a dumpster whether he’s white, black, or green.

  27. jJLP says:

    Why there exists this large group who think people should give up their right to self defense baffles me. We are surrounded by “conceal and carry states” I don’t see blood running in the streets when i cross into Pennsylvania. Semsible, trained and insured people carrying guns for their own and our protection I view as a plus.

  28. nichoal.r says:

    thank god he had his gun…its time to take back baltimore.. the dirt bags must go…let them know that if you want something you pay for it…OR YOU WILL PAY FOR IT..

  29. MMD says:

    Best news article I have read in a long time. Hope to see more news articles like this in the future. Anybody else out there that wants to try and rob this place once again?…Hmmm…I didn’t think so.

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