Police Officer Deaths Rise

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There are some grim statistics about the dangers of police work. A national report shows a big spike in the number of line-of-duty deaths.

Nationwide police fatalities jumped 37 percent. Maryland ranks 7th highest this year for police officers killed on the job.

Five officers died in Maryland last year.  Four lost their lives in car crashes. State Trooper Wesley Brown was gunned down and murdered. Brown, 24, was working a second job, providing security in Prince George’s County when he was gunned down by a customer he had escorted out earlier that night.

  • ben

    What about the guy who was killed with a rock over a parking space? If 5 died and 4 were car accidents and 1 was gunned down, they must not be counting this guy.

    Either way, I’m not sure why we should care about this. If cops are dying becuase they crash their cars, what makes that any diffrerent from a teacher or banker dying in a car accident? I can understand the sympathy for cops killed while keeping us safe but when it is a car accident, it almost makes me feel safer that these bad drivers aren’t on the road anymore.

  • me

    ben, this officer was not killed with a rock, but he was shot over the parking space. He was inlcuded in the count. his family lives in my vicinity.

  • Becky

    Ben, Have you ever entertained the thought that maybe these officers that were killed in an auto accident WHILE ON DUTY were in route to save someone elses life when the accident occurred. The articles doesn’t make it clear exactly how those accidents happened. God forbid that you were in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you ended up dying. Would you be ok with someone saying that they felt safer because there was one less bad driver on the road? bet your attitude would be alot different if you were related to one of these officers. Police officers put their lives in danger every time they put on that badge. Maybe instead of being so critical and judgmental you should take some time to thank these men and women for providing you with the safety for you have each and every day.

  • JR

    All jobs have risk factors. Death is sad for anyone’s family, but should your profession receive anymore attention versus another? I don’t think so, but that don’t mean that my opinion is correct. If you can’t handle the risk stay away from that job. Again death is for ever but sadly we all will die. We can’t choose the way we would like to die. Unfortunate some will be from accidental, negligence, stupidity or natural, but death will happen. We all would love to live a long life but that isn’t in the cards for everyone.

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