6-Foot Fence To Deter Jaywalkers In Frederick

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — The Maryland State Highway Administration is erecting a 6-foot fence to deter jaywalkers along a retail stretch of U.S. 40 in Frederick.

Spokesman Charlie Gischlar said Wednesday that the $98,000 project in the city’s “Golden Mile” began in early December and should be done by early spring.

He says the fence will guide pedestrians to safe crosswalks between McCain and Waverley drives.

The area features heavy traffic and retail shopping near densely populated residential developments.

Gischlar says the highway is dangerous for people who dart out in front of cars.

  • john w,

    $98,000 to keep stupid people from getting hit by a car is a great way to spend tax dollars. Here is an idea, if that many people are jay walking, an officer should be stationed there and write tons of tickets and generate revenue.

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