A minister gave a helping hand in a time of need. And in return, he gets a surprise: a big fat parking ticket.

Suzanne Collins reports it happened during this week’s tragedy in which two city people died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Kashi Walker is an associate minister at New Second Missionary Baptist Church on East Lanvale Street. He is always lending a helping hand at the daycare or when there’s any need. So when a member of the fire department called him earlier this week when two people died from carbon monoxide poisoning across the street from the church, he raced over to help comfort the victims’ families.

“The fire department wanted to get them out of the cold and find a place for them to do crisis management, so we said ‘No problem,’ said Walker, “I just had to seal off the daycare and I was going to let them up in the sanctuary.”

After helping, Walker came out to find a $52 ticket on the church-owned car he’d been driving.

“I was upset for sure,” Walker said. “I didn’t rant and rave, but I did shake it [the ticket], and I told everybody out here, ‘OK, I’ll see them in court over this one.’”

The sign says no parking on certain hours, certain days for street cleaning, but the day it happened all the streets were blocked with emergency vehicles.

“Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, city inspectors, BGE trucks were here,” said Walker. “It was a mess.”

Ironically, the city already gave the church permission to park in the area for two-hour periods.  The problem is poles are to be installed in the sidewalk, and the city told the church its pole drilling truck is broken.

A neighbor says she approached the parking enforcement officer.

“I told her he’s the minister of the church and I told her did she see the tragedy that went on? And she said ‘I already started the ticket, I can’t stop,’ “said Latera Williams.

The minister says he hopes the judge will fairly listen to his side of the story in court.

When asked if he thought God will look favorably upon him and the actions he took that day, Walker said: “I think he will. I’m definitely confident and I have faith that he will.”

The associate minister says even if it costs money in tickets, he will continue to do good works by responding anytime anywhere.

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  1. James Gagne says:

    How many times have I seen cops parked illegally while they’re inside a convenience store or as in a donut shop while not on official business. But that’s okay though, isn’t it? this ticket needs to be dismissed.

    1. khadijah ibrahim says:

      Police Officers always park illegally when regarding the law need to lead by example. How about they write themselves a ticket for once and see how it feels. If officers have too much time on their hands then find work to do and try to delete the crime on the streets using a little more effort instead of asking residents to volunteer and help them when they are trained in their very own occupations quiet tell I suppose.

  2. Your uncle in Florida says:

    Keep up the good work nephew. You will win this one in court, I’m sure. Will pray to that end.

  3. Joe S. Ragman says:

    It’s not the police who write most of those tickets, it’s those idiot Parking Enforcement Officers.

  4. Angela Smith says:

    In defense of the officer that wrote the ticket, they were doing their job and had no way of knowing what the situation was, They are not able to take back the ticket once it is started, This is the way the law works, you do something wrong and you get trouble. Officers get a lot of flack for doing their jobs and get a lot of excuses for why people shouldn’t be getting tickets even though they did something wrong. People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming others. If people wouldn’t break the law, they wouldn’t get tickets.

    Another thing, if the people affected by this were across the street from the church why did he have to drive there? Couldn’t he have just walked across the street?

    1. Jenn says:

      Really? It clearly states that the place was littered with service vehicles and BGE vehicles how could the parking ticket person not know there was a big issue going on?? It also states that the church has rights to park there by the city but the city can’t seem to find the time and energy to get them the signs — shouldn’t the parking monitors know this? He wasn’t breaking the law so no…he shouldn’t have a ticket.

      Oh…and obviously he couldn’t walk across the street or he would have…the man isn’t an idiot.

      1. Officers Wife says:

        He was illegally parked so yes, he was breaking the law. It wasnt anything personal had she known before the ticket was started who it was and why he was there it would have never been issued. However, when the streets are mobbed like that in an emergency it is their job to make sure someone doesnt interfere with or block the responding agencies from getting where they need to be to do their jobs. I’m fairly certain the ticket will be dismissed but Angela was correct in once they’ve started a ticket they cannot take it back.

  5. Hank says:

    Angela! You don’t get the big picture. Hopefully you won’t ever have something bad happen in your life

    1. nay says:

      Hank, don’t waste your time, she is a troll, and clearly won’t get it. There is always one on every page.

      1. Angela Smith says:

        I have a friend who is a doctor and she had to park in the fire lane to run in and do an emergency c-section and she got a ticket. All I’m trying to say is the officers don’t know what is going on with every emergency. Part of my post didn’t get published for some reason….I went on to say that I’m sure when he goes to court the judge will understand and dismiss the ticket. An explanation goes a long way. Yes it’s inconvient to have to go to court and explain it but, it’s water under the bridge now. My friend went and explained her situation with the delivery and it was taken care of.

  6. amr says:

    Parking control and the police dept are two separate entities. Trust me when I say, they dont have a problem ticketing marked patrol cars either and then guess who has to pay those tickets? The last officer who drove the car not the city! I feel bad for the minister and I would hope that the judge will throw this ticket out…

  7. nay says:

    Angela, one thing is obvious…you are a big donkey ASS

    1. Angela Smith says:

      It really isn’t necessary to talk to me like that. I am expressing my opinion in a respectful manner. I haven’t resorted to name calling or putting people down. If you knew me, you would know that. I’m not asking for anyone to agree with me…but I deserve the same respect that anyone else would get.

  8. R. Holman says:

    After seeing the commotion u should have made an (executuive decision) so to speak and investigate instead of starting the ticket…. Angela’s wife…as if u could really be.

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