And a warm start to the New Year it has been.  We went all the way up to 59 degrees this afternoon!  Even at 10 p.m. tonight, we were still at 55 degrees.  We may actually only go down to 42 degrees, which is actually our average high for the date.  It will be another mild day tomorrow with a high near 50 degrees before colder air returns this week. 

 The first wave of colder air is coming in behind the cold front that is bringing rain and drizzle to Maryland.  The rain and drizzle will continue on and off tonight into tomorrow morning.  There is a good chance that the rain will be gone for game time at 1 p.m. tomorrow.  The clouds will also break for sunshine eventually tomorrow.  The break in the weather will continue until Tuesday, when a much weaker storm comes through. 

 There will just be some clouds on Tuesday with this storm, but it will bring in even colder air behind it for the second half of the week.  Highs will be back down in the 30s by Friday.  At that point, we will be watching for yet another storm to move our way Friday into the weekend. 

Here’s a fun fact for you.  If you haven’t noticed yet, today is 1/1/11.


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