There’s a lot of sunshine out there today, but it’s doing little to warm us up. We started out the day in the 20s and will only top out near 40 degrees. When you factor in the northwest breeze, it will feel 5-10 degrees lower than the actual air temperature. This is actually closer to our average of 42 degrees. We will go slightly above average again tomorrow before an even colder round of air comes our way for the second half of the week. Highs will be back down in the 30s.

There is one weak storm that will pass north of us tomorrow. Expect some clouds from it, but that’s about it. Then another storm will move our way late in the week. Clouds will come in Thursday, then possibly some light snow or snow showers Thursday night and Friday. It will move out to sea on Saturday, but will strengthen once it stalls out over the ocean. That means that we could still get some flurries on Saturday, but a gusty north wind will make for a very cold day. This storm will finally ease its grip and move away early next week.

The December numbers are in, and it’s what you thought: it was cold! The average overall temperature for the month was 32.4 degrees, which is 4.3 degrees below average. The average daily high was 39.9 degrees, and that includes the warmest day of the month at 62 degrees on the 1st. The National Weather Service is doing their monthly wrap up as I write this, but it will come in as one of the 20 coldest Decembers on record – and possibly as high as the 15th.

  1. Jay A. says:

    i’m more worried abbut nexs weather than some light flurries this weekend.

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