BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A dogfighting ring was busted in West Baltimore.  Now police are searching for the dog’s owners. 

Adam May has more.

The dogs are in quarantine, getting medical treatment.

Six pit bull terriers, some with obvious scars and injuries from fighting, were rescued from a West Baltimore home on Lafayette Street.

“When I first came in, she came at me, coming to the door,” said Deputy Bernard Wright, Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office.

Wright made the discovery during an eviction notification.

“To see that they’ve been abused, it’s a shame,” Wright said.

One dog was chained to the stairs.  Others were found in cages without food or water, some locked in a basement.  They’re now at BARCS, the city animal shelter.

“Two definitely have been fought, one recently because of bite wounds on his head.  So they’ve been through quite a turmoil in their lives and the youngest one is a sweet young puppy and thankfully he got out of that situation,” said Debra Rahl, BARCS.

One dog didn’t want to get close to people. She’s been bred numerous times. The location of her puppies is unknown.

“Obviously a priority of the administration is to pursue violent offenders and bad guys with guns.  That does not mean these cases go unnoticed,” said Kevin Brown, Baltimore City Police.

Hours after police launched their investigation, WJZ saw someone at the home peeking out a window, then shut off the lights.

“The investigation is still preliminary,” Brown said.

For now, the dogs are locked up, facing an uncertain future.  BARCS isn’t sure all of the dogs will be adoptable, so rescue groups may be called in for rehabilitation.

It’s dollar adoption month at BARCS, which is currently full of other dogs and cats.

Comments (28)
  1. Kay says:

    As a pit owner and rescue group in Baltimore, this is very disturbing, disheartening and angering. PEOPLE NEED TO SPEAK UP WHERE THIS IS HAPPENING. If the cops were not there serving an eviction, this bust would not have happened. We need some serious reform and changes to the system for this type of activity.

    1. craig says:

      what would you expect…. look where it happened at…. its balto hon….

      1. CantStandIdiots says:

        Exactly! Officials need to take all of the ghetto infested blacks out of baltimore and put them on an island that Osama Bin Laden needs to bomb. This would solve issues like welfare, child support, killings and free space in jail.

      2. WoofWoof says:


      3. Stacy N. says:

        doesn’t matter – shouldn’t be happening at all!

        and bcuz of the ghetto ass location – they should be even more aware of these types of things.

  2. kim says:

    srry to disturb your thoughts of baltimore, but i live inbaltimore and i have a ptibull mix and my dog is treated as a part of my family, so the place where it happened has nothing to do with it. Its PEOPLE’S sick minds!!!

  3. LJW says:

    They are investigating? I guess the wounds weren’t OBVIOUS enough? OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They haven’t questioned those THINGS that were in the house after they rescued those poor animals? GOT SOME REAL EDUCATED PEOPLE WORKING THERE IN THE CITY LET ME TELL YA!!!!!!!!! WOW UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

  4. Angry with stupidity! says:

    Iggnorant people kill me! How in the world can u sit there n say its all black people! U also have these wanna be black people who are natuarly white and feel the need to make a statement in the so called “ghetto” to make a name for themselves so they go out here n murder their parents, brothers, sisters for no dam reason! A “ghetto” is whereever u make it the city or county! So for u iggnorant people that blame blacks “kill yourself” for being so dam iggnorant n take a look at your own house!

    1. justblaze says:

      LMAO…it helps if you want to rebute intelligently, to spell properly….thats #1
      #2-white ppl who live/congregate in the ghetto are called WHITE TRASH FOR A REASON!!!
      #3-its all the black people fault…and I blame Malcolm X for all this b.s.

  5. Angry with stupidity! says:

    And also another thing when have u ever heard of a African Americans killing there family because somebody told them no? When have u ever heard of “black” people goin to school with bombs n machine guns to shot up a school because some teacher gave them a B? That’s that white people thing if u want to pull a race card everytime somethng happens! Its not just “black” people its the world in it self and every race has violent people in it!

    1. Annoyed says:

      Uhhh yeah it’s definilty not ALWAYS black people on the news causing ALL the problems in Baltimore….every night it’s on the news, killings-blacks-robbings-blacks etc so don’t lie to yourself

  6. liz says:

    I’m pretty sure “just blaze” can really define the term white trash! Because that’s what you are! I pray that God has mercy on your troubled soul you are really a troubled person! What a shame I really do feel soryy for you!

  7. Fed up Citizen says:

    Who can you make the report to????

  8. Shannon says:

    You all sound ridiculous, pointing fingers, continuing the hatred. Not to mention, digression.
    The issue is the dogs and our legislation. Something needs to change, so these people, when caught, face real punishment for such a wrong doing.
    Poor doesn’t have a color. Ignorance does not have a face. Please be constructive here… When we can’t come together as concerned citizens, how will anything get done?

    1. Katie says:

      I couldn’t agree more! I’m so sick of hearing the race card every time dog fighting has come up. From Vick to this nonsense. Who cares what color they are? They’re torturing dogs. Let’s worry about getting them off the street and not able to get their hands on another animal.

  9. CantStandRacistIdiots says:

    What a bunch of idiots! Why does it matter the color of someone’s skin? White, black, hispanic, or asian, the person or people who did this are wrong regardless of their skin color! Everybody chooses how to live, and sometimes they may choose wrong but those are decisions based upon the person and the way they were raised, not the color of their skin. CantStandIdiots and Just Blaze… shut up and before you start typing again GROW UP! You sound really stupid. Speaking as a white person, you are an embarassment to the white race!

  10. independent says:

    People really want to help these animals. What can we do? Where can we put money where it won’t be misused? Personally, I adopt my dogs. That’s one avenue but you must be a strong dog leader to make it work.

    1. Me says:

      BARCS is an Amazing Organization. They save tons of animals each year!!!! The money they take in definitely goes to the animals. I adopted 2 babies from there recently and I saw first hand how Amazing the Staff is there!!!!

  11. whatnow says:

    Criminals and stupid comes in every color. I have more sympathy for these poor dogs then I do half the people I see on the streets (or read on these blogs). We need to irridicate this type of behavior instead of pointing color fingers. If we work together to get rid of criminals and stupid no matter the color, the country will be a safer place.

  12. Phyllis says:

    STOP – this isn’t about black or white people – it’s about abused animals (PITS to be exact) Please just STOP and stay focused on the real issue. These animals are abused and used by rich and poor not white and/or black alone!

  13. Buck Hambone Wheat says:

    Since the issue is no longer about the ABUSED DOGS. I just hope they never do away with the First Amendment. It allows us to keep track of the racist idiots that still exist in this country.

  14. whatnow says:

    The racist idiots are on both sides and don’t think they aren’t.

  15. Doug says:

    When they’re not killing each other,
    this is what they do,in those parts.
    As we see on TV13,night after night.
    For all dog lovers,I hope someone gets caught and thrown into the Soylent Green hopper.

  16. D says:

    The next day to learn what you can do, or volunteer, for BARCS is Jan. 8th at 1:45 pm at the Stockholm Shelter

  17. Squaregrouper says:

    Why is it that whenever someone posts a FACT that makes blacks look bad they are immediately branded racists? Most crime in Baltimore IS committed by blacks. Baltimore is 63% black, and the USA is <13% black. Most crimes in Montana are committed by whites and most crime in Miami is committed by Hispanics. Anyone care to guess why? Heres on for ya… 409 whites per 100,000 and 2468 blacks per 100,000 are in prison. Stastically speaking, blacks are six times more likely to be in prison than whites. Am I a racist for pointing out that FACT? C'mon folks, political incorrectness is not always racism.

  18. Squaregrouper says:

    Another FACT- Socioeconomic status is even more relevant in determining prison populations. Poor people going to jail is a much bigger factor than the color of someone’s skin in prison.

  19. Buck Hambone Wheat says:

    There are lies, there are damn lies, and there are statistics.

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