BALTIMORE (WJZ) — She vanished without a trace and police say they have serious concerns about what happened to Phylicia Barnes.  Nearly a week has passed since anyone saw or heard from her.

Kelly McPherson has some new insight into the investigation.

The search for Phylicia Barnes, 16, is now being handled by the homicide division, a sign that police suspect foul play.

“I have to tell you that we have very serious concerns now,” said Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld.

“She would’ve used her cell phone at least once and that hasn’t been the case.  Detectives are very concerned,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police.

She lives in North Carolina but was visiting family in Northwest Baltimore for Christmas.  Her sister’s boyfriend was the last person to see her alive.

“If she’s alive, she is scared to death.  Anyone who gets joy out of that must be a sick, perverted individual,” said Barnes’ mother, Janice Sallis.

Officers are executing a search and seizure warrant at her sister’s apartment.  That’s where she was staying for her visit and where she was last seen alive on Tuesday.

“I think somebody might have taken her,” said her sister, Deena Barnes.

Over the phone, Sallis says her 16-year-old was given vodka and marijuana.  Police confirm they found evidence of drugs and alcohol inside and that lots of people were coming and going from the apartment.

“It’s like she vanished into thin air and no one knows where she’s at.  Someone knows where she’s at.  I’m telling you right now, God is gonna get you,” Sallis said.

Police are also in the process of rounding up people to interview, focusing on the people who last saw Barnes, including Deena Barnes’ boyfriend.  No one is a suspect or even a person of interest.

Comments (20)
  1. Rae says:

    Phylicia is a classmate of my cousin’s, and they are all deeply worried and upset. Let’s pray and search for this girl, and bring her home.

  2. pigeon says:

    There is a clue out there – someone knows something or questions themselves about something they THINK may be connected to this story. Please, if you think you MIGHT know something then tell the police. You just never know for sure and it just may be what they need to move forward in finding this young lady. Pray for her and her family!

  3. MAF says:

    There is an update on this case according to other news sources, the police suspect foul play and the child was abducted. Now, there should be an amber alert because this meet the criteria now that the police fears this. I think the police should have done more in the beginning, called on a massive search and now with this new info, I am very disappointed. I am still not giving up hope. Lets hope they call for a search and more media attention.

  4. TLCARTER77 says:

    I hope this baby is found alive and well..@ MAF shes not the right color for an amber alert..sorry to say..its always assumed that teenage black girls are runaways and not abuducted..had she had blonde hair and blue eyes her picture would be broadcasted in every city and state across the US. Its just sad..

    1. Don says:

      What about Wayne Williams in Atlanta murdering his own people. A black man murderimg black kids. Nothing to say about that huh, or did you forget that you racist?

      1. TLCARTER77 says:

        DON lets not forget that it took almost two decades for the police to solve that case..could it have been because the victims were African American men so their cases were also not high priority. This case was not handled correctly. I have yet to see this little girls picture on MSNBC, CNN, or Nancy Grace. Could it be because she’s not as important as Zahra Baker, Elizabeth Smart, Natalie Hollaway, and many more…Unfortunately, its a hypocritical world out there and shes gonna suffer for it. And because I said it does not make me a RACIST sir. Remember truth is undeniable.

  5. NEC0228 says:

    Cant baltimore come together as a city to help find this girl. Every single time something happens it always comes back to the race thing. If these ppl would stop worrying about race and taking a look themselves then maybe they could help some way. GROW UP…look out the front door and notice how many multi-racial couples there are today….and if you havent noticed some lil black girls have blonde hair & blue eyes!

  6. MAF says:

    I am MAF and I care about children, regardless of their race. I am convince that the authority failed this child. I heard Mr. Barnes speak on the radio and he clearly said the police initially labelled his daughter as a runaway. Time was wasted, now the police fears she was abducted. Last I heard, an Amber Alert does not say you have to be a particular race to qualify. The City of Baltimore Failed her.

  7. Don says:

    TO TLCARTER77 why does everything have to be racial. That’s why this country is the way it is. You take a sad situation such as this and make a racial comment. Maybe you should look in the mirror and think about what you say. Looks like you’re the racist now.

  8. Doug says:

    Probably dead,at this point.
    With all the Media attention,ask yourself,what teenager wouldn’t step into the lime light,with chance to be on TV.

    1. Don says:

      You’re probably right

  9. Don says:

    To NEC0028 We need more people like you who do not see race as an ulterior motive for saying stupid things. Look at the Atlanta child murders years ago it was a black man doing it to his own people I didn’t see TLCARTER77 saying anything about that!!!!!!!!

  10. macnmome says:

    The Atlanta child murders was so rare that it took the authorities years to find him. And yes if her family had money and she was blond hair and blue eyed there would have been an amber alert the first day she was missing. Look at the Natalee Holloway who when missing out of the country. She had an Amber alert the second day she went missing. So Don and Doug please use google and stop spreading propaganda. Fact is a young lady is missing and her family is extremely concerned for her safety.

    1. TLCARTER77 says:

      THANK YOU!! Very well said..Its very unfortunate. I really hope that she is found alive and not to damaged by her ordeal. In my opinion prescious moments were lost because the police said they didn’t suspect any foul play and that she was a runaway. I still wonder why her picture isn’t on a national news station..

  11. silvermaximagirl says:

    Can we all just get along with one another, please? There is a young lady missing and we all need to keep our eyes and ears open to try to find her.

  12. fran says:

    media need to get a life and also the police dept they r criminals too behind close doors

  13. eve says:

    i pray safely for this young lady’s return

  14. Tee says:

    I give it to God in prayer, and may she return safely back to her family! In my prayers

  15. Brazil Chandler says:

    I am stunned Deena and I were Childhood Best friends and I know her family very well I really don’t know of any point where I could see this to be true that she had something to do with this. I wish for her A safe return to her family I prey ,I prey ,I Prey….

  16. Jazzo says:

    My prayers go out to Phylicia and her family. He is Alpha and Omega. He can do the impossible. I pray peace and comfort for the Barnes family and to all families everywhere of every race age color and background.

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